Disclaimer: Guide based on the Japan Build of the game. I will edit accordingly once our global version is released! 

High chance Antenora will get a buff on Global.


  • Prepare items that can prevent Silence, Confuse and Paralyze (Especially on Healers).
  • Prepare MP Pots as the Root can deplete your MP pool.
  • Focus and Cheer (Embolden).
  • Full Break
  • Cloud of Darkness is a very very very very very useful member in this fight with her Aura Ball

Boss: Antenora

antenora_flower A

Flower – Plant
LV – 99
HP – 580,000
MP – 1200

+100% Fire, Ice, Water Resist | -50% Wind Resist
+20% Confuse| Immune to all


antenora_vine B

Vine – Plant
LV – 99
HP – 580,000
MP – 600

+100% Ice, Thunder, Wind Resist | -50% Water, Dark Resist
+50% Sleep | Immune to all


antenora_root C

Root – Plant
LV – 99
HP – 580,000
MP – 600

+100% Fire, Thunder, Water, Wind Resist | -50% Earth Resist
+50% Blind | Immune to all


antenora_leaf D

Leaf – Plant
LV – 99
HP – 580,000
MP – 600

+100% Fire, Ice, Thunder, Water, Wind Resist | -50% Earth Resist
+50% Silence | Immune to all


Attack Pattern:

Parts Attack Effect
Flower A
Pollen Random Status Ailment to 1 target
Sucking Blood Single Target MP Absorption
Rainbow Pollen Powerful attack + Poison, Silence, Confuse, Sap.
When HP at 60% and 30%
Runaway Large Physical Damage to Single Target
When HP at 60% and 30%
Vine B
Wrap Single Physical Attack + Chance to Paralyse
Thorns Single Physical Attack + Chance to Sap
Runaway Random Powerful 10 Hits Attack
Activated when Flower dies
Root C
Nutrient Absorb Single Target MP Absorb (TBC)
Earth Healing Recovers 50,000 HP + Remove harmful effects
Runaway Random Powerful 10 Hits Attack
Activated when Flower dies
Leaf D
Attack Single Target Physical Attack
Runaway Random Powerful 10 Hits Attack
Activated when Flower dies


The Fight

  • You will need to take down the Root, Vine and Leaf before working on the Flower. If the Flower dies first, the other 3 parts will deal a massive amount of damage and wipe your team.
  • Refrain from casting AOE Damage.
  • Prioritize Full-Break on Flower > Vine
  • Bring along 2 Healers for safety
  • Heal is more important than clearing Status Ailments
  • Kill order: Root> Vine> Leaf > Flower
  • Make sure your HP is topped up before you cross the 60% HP Mark.
  • Since we are ahead of units and skills on this fight, expect this trial to be buffed!

Recommended Units

If Antenora gets a Buff in Global, it’s better to use the original strat of taking down his parts 1 by 1 with a Physical Team

Physical Attackers (x3)

Luneth, CoD, Elza, Delita, Firion,

Healer (x2)

Refia, Roselia, Lenna, Fina

Full Breaker (x1)

WoL, Vaan

If Antenora does not get a buff in Global: DUBUNKED WE GOT TROLLED BY Lyamffbe!

Use Exdeath’s Meteor or anyone else with Meteor + your Best AOE team to take Antenora down in 1 turn.




  1. ufff, tough bastard. Bartz in the 6* would had been a great in this fight. It is a long fight and I depletes my mega and turbo ethars and almost all the elixirs that you can briing to the fight.

    My team was:

    Cecil – Golem
    Lightning – Diabolos (First Mistake)
    DW CoD – Ifrit (Second Mistake)
    Agria – Ramuh
    Refia – Shiva

    Friend: DW CoD with 560 atk.

    my strategy was:
    – Cecil: LB, Provoke and Curaja
    – Refia: Full Life, Embolden, Curaja
    – Lightning: Crushing Bow, Area Blast
    – DW Cod: Aura Ball, Barrage
    – Agria: Full Break

    If I needed MP, Agria, or Lightning would use items. Refia and Cecil were to busy healing ad reviving.

    good luck!

    pd: I’m a FTP gamer.

  2. I used
    Cecil (Golem), Refia (Shiva) , Exdeath (Ramuh), CoD (Ifrit) and Vaan (Diablos) friend’S lunneth.
    Was pretty simple.
    Cecil- Provoke and Curaja
    Refia- Curaja, Dispel, and Cheer thing
    Exdeath- dual spell meteor or Earth Magic
    Vaan- always Fullbreak or cura
    Lunneth- aoe attack or final cut

    Beat in first time.

  3. CEcil + CoD + Ramza + lightning + Elza + Friend Cecil , was long , item consuming but did it on first try, the pain is the Mana Drain ….

  4. Gee that was long and dreary, although felt more reasonable than Maxwell since at least the plant doesn’t get a 1 minute turn. definitely go with a melee team since often right after exlir/ethar the absorption thing drains all MP again… all MP top-up items were depleted by the time I reached the flower, but much of the fight was literally a matter of keeping Refia alive so that she can full life the poor Cecil (HP 5500, DEF 420) who got knocked out like 20x, and counting on auto-refresh and bare fists of the melees to keep going. my squd was Luneth (Ifrit) + COD (Diabolos) + Cecil (Golem) + Refia (Carbuncle) + Vaan (Ramuh – odd i know) + Lightning friend. Note the plant is 100% resistent to various elements so make sure you don’t use weapons that has those attributes. Equip Plant Killer ability.

  5. If you kill the flower can’t you just jump with someone on the same turn to avoid all the massive damage the other parts do or do those parts not go away?

  6. Beat it , tricky but it works ,
    my squad :
    Lightning , Refia , Ramza , CoD, Lenna and Friend Cecil
    i bring out 2 healer this time and 1 tanker
    but it works , Lenna just esuna or help curaja when cecil down i use refia’s full life to bring him back
    ramza use weapon break all the time , Cod use barrage all the time , lightning focus kill each part using raging atk from ifrit esper skill (with plant killer equip also)
    my lenna i set it full hp equip since the bos hit hard on her even use def equipment not help ( that i tried 1st time wipe out my party), 2nd time i use full hp equip on her to keep her alive 4k+ hp , although always nearly down when receive dmg from bos about ~100-200 hp each time but she survive then can helpout my refia to cast curaja all the time , CoD i use as support atk/item use all the time till bos defeat …
    for 2nd try with this form squad i’ve used elixir 4,mega ether 3, turbo ether 5,ether 5 ,phoenix down 3,remedy 3

  7. Beat it too today, right for christmas ! Very long and hard fight (almost 50 turns). All my MP item and elixir were used.

    My team (FTP gamer):

    CoD (Shiva): Aura ball, comeback and occasionnally barrage (400 atk)
    Cecil (Golem): Curaja and LB. If Curaja wasn’t useful I would just guard. (5k hp 510 def)
    DK Cecil (Ifrit): Just attacked with the twin lance (attack X2) and Plant Killer (430 atk)
    Chizuru (Diabolos): Glint or Phantom Shadow. Rest of the fight with LB and regular attack (400 atk)
    Agrias (Ramuh): Deprotect (Full break and Cura sometimes). Used her most of the time as an item dispenser.

    Friend Cecil : Same as my Cecil (more hp but less def)

    The key was to have Cecil’s LB up all the time and Aura ball always applied. After that it’s a matter of time and to not waste MP.

    Very important to keep Aura ball all the time on the boss.

    Hope it would help !

  8. finally beat this after trying on and off for months. i was trying to just overpower it, but even with 3x dual wields and 600+ ATK / MAG units, it’s just not possible.

    ended up beating it w/

    Cecil – buffer / off-healer
    Refia – main heals
    Chizuru x2 – the damages
    Rain – buffs, debuffs, items
    friend’s CoD

    still took forever and used a ton of Elixirs / Turbo Ethers

  9. LettucePray’s strategy worked great! Don’t waste time trying to kill each section, unless you can’t handle what this thing dishes out. AoE is your friend.
    Exdeath: Dual Cast Meteor (osmose as needed)
    Cecil: Curaja and Provoke(sentinel)
    WoL: Full break (sentinel ability comes in handy)
    Dark Cecil: Did whatever support needed
    Luka: Healer and Buff
    (friend) Physical damage dealer of your choice, recommend good AoE and Single target damage
    Be bold, hang in there. Thing will be dead before turn 10

  10. Bottom line, cannot be beaten without Cecil as a tank/off healer. It is just too much for a single healer/rezer and 5 Phoenix Downs are just not enough.

    I got Charlotte for tank, Faris for Full Break/Focus, Bartz for utilities, 500 Magic Exdeath and Refia, all well equiped (FTP) and usually tag along a 600 attack Lightning friend. Best case, i managed to bring boss to 10% only to get wiped by Rampage.

  11. Just did it with team of CoD, ExD, Refia, Ling and Rain (all 6*, only Rain is at lvl 83)

    Truth be told, friend Dark Fina did all the job.

    All I did was keep her and the others alive (via Ling Dance of Rebirth and Curaja by Refia).

    A few close calls when my ExD got confused and attacked teammates *sweat*

    Thanks for all the advise above!


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