Aquapolis Olderion


Treasure Key Box Location
1. Recipe – Ice Brand
2. Recipe – 10% SMN Magic
Treasure Chest
3. Artic Wind
4. Gale Key – 7 You will need to complete Earth Key quests before the Gale series is unlock. Read here
5. Phoenix Down
6. Star Quartz
7. Sage’s Robes (Def+35 Mag+15 SPR+15) Enter the House and Exit on the Right
8. Blue Megacite
9. Mythril Ore
10. Star Quartz
11. Betelguese (ATK+56)
12. Elixir See below


Treasure 4


Treasure 12

The Elixir is hidden inside the shelf below:




Quest Name Rewards
1. Gotta Love the Baby! Star Quartz
2. Family First Turbo Ether
3. A Legend of Peace Holy Crystal
4. Whither Townsman, Again? Recipe – Light Curtain
5. What a Man Wants Gale Key – 3
6. A Knight of Grandshelt Patriot (Charlotte only shield, Def+37 SPR+10, ability: Purification of Light (Esuna))


1. Gotta Love the Baby!

Step 1 – Retrieve item from the grandma at the Tool Shop.
Step 2 – Return to client.


Step 3 – Head to Lake Dorr – Exploration spot below
Step 4 – Return to Client


2. Family First

You can get Deepsea Bloom from Phantom Forest – Exploration, Mystic Woods – Exploration

3. A Legend of Peace

You can find Lenergias from Argus Plains – North/Central

4. Whither Townsman, Again?

Pre-requisite: Complete Quest “Which Way Did He Go?

Search for the man at the spot below. He will not be visible so just walk to the water spot.


5. What a Man Wants

Head to the Mystic Woods – Exploration and find the man below.
Heal up and prepare for Mini Boss fight before talking to the man.
Boss Fight – Cutpurse x 5 (no elemental weakness), 15,000 HP each


6. A Knight of Grandshelt

You will need to complete the main story quest in Olderion to unlock this quest.

Part 1 – Head to Dwarf’s Forge Exploration
Part 2 – Head to Zadehl Westersand Exploration, cutscene will appear after boss fight.
Part 3 – Head to Grandshelt Catacombs
Part 4 – Head to Royal Capital Grandshelt

Obtain Patriot.