arena_bannerHere are some of the Keynotes for Arena:

  1. You can now hold a maximum of 5 orbs (to be shared with Colosseum and Arena)
  2. There are Daily, Weekly and Monthly rewards to be won from the Arena.
  3. You can obtain Arena Medals based on your opponent’s win rate and the outcome of the battle.
  4. Arena Medals are used to exchange rewards from the Exchange Board.
  5. Remember to set your Arena team in the options to avoid bringing your TM party. arena_pic2

Each week, there will be special rules where certain skills are not allowed to be used in the Arena. It is best to keep a wide range of Unit pull to counter the bans. The only exception is if the spell comes from a Limit Burst.

No. Skill Type
1 Common
2 Fire Attacks
3 Ice Attacks
4 Lightning Attacks
5 Water Attacks
6 Wind Attacks
7 Earth Attacks
8 Holy Attacks
9 Dark Attacks
10 Stats Up (Buffs)
11 Stats Down (Debuffs)
12 Multi-Hit Attacks
13 Dualcast / W-Magic
14 Status Effects



– Each battle consist of 10 Turns.
– At the start of each turn, the AI will randomly pick a side to go first.
– Damage is Cap at 999. However, you can go above this cap by performing Chain or Elemental Chain (99/chain).


Daily Rewards (Participation)

No of times Reward
1 Lapis x 20 (TBC)
2 Ether (TBC)
3 Star Quartz (TBC)
4 Potion (TBC)
5 Lapis x 20 (TBC)


Weekly/Monthly Rewards

The weekly and monthly rewards changes every week/month thus I’ll update them weekly/monthly on the homepage.

Arena Summon Tickets

Obtain Arena summon tickets and stand a chance to get Stats pots to boost the stats of your characters. Do note that each character still have a cap to how many stats you can increase on him/her/it.


  1. So, found out the hard way that enemy teams can use osmose on your units, leaving them unable to use skills. However, when you use osmose on them, even draining their MP to 0, they can still use any skills they have learned just like a normal monster enemy can.

  2. Found out that everyone gets different bans of skills? I fought against someone with cecil and kefka and I took off my espers and stripped them of all items abilities and mine was still banned from use.

  3. units aren’t “banned” from use. if you get the message “forbidden ability,” it just serves to warn you that they have abilities that won’t be available in the fight. you can still use that character.

  4. if i defeat a player that is highly ranked than me, will i get more rank points? because its easy to always pick up weak players to defeat.

  5. basicly a stupid pay-to-win feature but nice knowing there is a cap on char. stats boost tho so being higher ranked only is a time saver anyone know how the ratio feature works and what it really means ???

  6. I’m rank 31 and been playing for a month, more or less, and in 95% of setups I can only choose to battle against people who are rank 40+,50+, 60+,70+. There is no way in hell that I can beat them. Can I do something about that so I can battle against players who are around my rank?

    • You can tell by their ratio hour easy it will be to beat them. 0.7 means they have been losing a lot. 1.5 means they almost always win. But you get more points for defeating tougher opponents

        • That’s not necessarily true. The lower the ratio doesn’t mean they lose a lot, it just means they’re lower on the ladder whether or not they’ve been losing or not playing the arena as much. The players around your rank are generally in the middle of your selection list, usually within .9 and 1.0 ratio. The ratio is how many points you’ll earn for defeating them, before accounting for your streak bonus. ie. .7 = 70, 1.5 = 150

  7. Does anyone know if the JP version ever had special banners for arena? Wondering if it is worth saving arena tickets or if I should just spend them when I get them.

  8. Got a 57 win streak – lost to a whale with 5 base 5 characters.
    Team comp goes along way, but over all:

    Arena is far too pay to win.

    • You lost 1 in 57 games and complain about pay to win?

      Anyway having a team of top tier units doesn’t gaurentee the enemy a win, the ai commonly uses junk abilities and will not raise dead units. I’ve fought more than a few arenas against all luneths and lightnings and taken 0 damage as they spam barfire or something similar. But yes some battles will he challenging I don’t know why people expect everything to be a free win

  9. What’s the losing criteria? When both parties are still alive at the end, but I still have all members alive and they don’t, it flags it as a win for me.
    After a 70+ winning streak, I lost unexpectedly.

  10. had 67 winning streak and just won another one, then lost signal as I finished the battle, when the connection came back on, FFBE tells me I’ve lost. :@ seriously wtf!!!!

    also seems the only decisive factor (for me anyway) is who AI decides will play first. I tend to start with uploading a bunch of status ailments so if I get to start first half of opponents will be paralysed/stoned/poisioned and it’s a total steal, vice versa… on the other side there are times I or the opponent is about to drop dead, then get to start the next turn first then with a simple curaja the whole game turns. is this really fair?

  11. So the last session ended at 7pm ET, hours ahead of what it said, i suddenly was in the next “weekly” battle.

    did this happen to anyone else?

  12. I’m rank 13 with 150 arena points. The game is almost always only putting rank 40 and up with 2000+ Arena points in my setup menu so I’m always losing. wtf is up with this?

    • Instead of tapping “colosseum” on top right, tap “setup” in bottom center of screen. then “ok”. Then chose an opponent.

      May the odds be ever in your favor 🙂

  13. So… wtf should I do?
    I have been to 4 battles and lost them all. No guide ever seems to be of any help. Can anyone please help me?

  14. I need some help. I haven’t won a single round even though my units have been awoken at least once and are pretty high leveled. I keep running into the same problem where I’ll get into a fight and my attacks barely make a dent in any of the other units. That is if I GET to attack in the first place because the opposite team’s attacks are so viciously over powered that I’ll be lucky if I have a unit left at 400 UP or more. Is it a glitch? Is it to keep people from losing their position on the leaderboard as quickly? What is going on?

    • I have learned to have any chance you need to do the following:

      -Get characters to lvl 100
      -Protect yourself against statuses such as petrify, paralysis, etc
      -You could build a team that chains, for high combos and attacks or statuses to get opponent to not be able to attack you back

      I do not have a specific team that I run but right now i have the following:

      -Warrior of Light – Tank (Can auto heal if attacked and takes damage for other party members)
      -Refia – Healer (Can Heal everyone and raise ATK/ Def stats)
      -Ashe – Magic Atk Chainer/ Healer
      -Amellia – Chainer/ Stops opponents (Can also heal if needed)
      -Onion Knight – Chainer/ Inflicts statuses (Dual wield, equipped with weapons that can cause statuses and with the abilities he has, he can hit enemies many times, over 20 i think, and with the statuses, you know he is gonna get someone)

      You do not need a rare unit or anything, sometimes the average units will be enough


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