Bloody Moon

Note: To be constantly updated


10 1 230 3000 350
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 30
Deal Ice Damage Ice Megacrys x 5
Use Black Magic Screamroot x 3
Use LB Sacred Crystal x 5
First clear reward


20 1 530 5000 500
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 50
Deal Light and Dark Damage Dark Megacryst x 10
Use Green Magic Star Quartz x 3
Party of 5 or less Mini Burst Pot x 3
First clear reward



50 1 1500
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 100
Summon Esper 5* Trust Moogle
No Items Staff Mastery
Deal Ice, Earth, Light and Dark Damage Crazy Day (Ability: Deal Unmitigated Magic damage and reduce all Elemental Resistance)
First clear reward
Glory of Evil (Rod: ATK+92, MAG+120)


Bloody Moon – Spirit
LV – 99
HP – 6,000,000
MP – 200,000
+0% Elemental Resistance
Immune to all


Apostles – Spirit
LV – 99
HP – 500,000
MP – 80,000
See chart below
Immune to all


Apostle 2000% down 100% up
Flame Wind Fire
Ice Fire Ice
Thunder Earth Lightning
Water Thunder Water
Wind Ice Wind
Earth Water Earth
Light Dark Light
Dark Light Dark


BOSS / Behavior Pattern
Meteor Moon AOE | Magic Attack | Every 3 turns
Fall of the fall month AOE | 500% Physical Attack 
Lunatic Sabato AOE | Full break (75% stats)
Total Eclipse AOE | 500% Magic Attack
Fly to the Moon Remove 1 target away from battle for 1 turn
Ridicule of the dead moon AOE Instant Death
Crimson · New Moon AOE | Magic Attack | DEF/SPR Down
Crimson · Half Moon AOE | Magic Attack | Def Down
Crimson · Full Moon AOE | Magic Attack | Full Break
Crimson Crescent Moon AOE | Magic Attack | SPR Down

Threshold Skills – Highlighted skills, chance to cast any of the 5.

Moon Phase

New Moon
AOE | 700% Physical
Half Moon
AOE | -50% Full break for 3 turns
Full Moon
AOE | 300% Magic
Crescent Moon
ST | Snort for 4 turns



  • 100% Physical Resist
  • No Breaks
  • Focus on getting SPR as High as Possible
  • Prepare equipment/skill for Instant Death especially on Healer. (Safety Bit, Genji Shield)
  • Go into Defensive mode every 3 turns  
  • Threshold at every 20% starting from 80% (60,40,20).
  • If you kill the Boss while Apostles are still alive they go berserk.
  • If you kill a Apostle while the Boss is still alive during Phase 2, it will be summoned again the following turn
  • Snort units come back only if the Boss is still alive.
  • You have to kill Bloody Moon and the Apostles at the same time

Phase 1 

  • Kill all 8 Apostles
  • Bloody Moon will just recover 100% HP every turn during this phase before his 8 Apostles are dead

Phase 2 (After the 8 Apostles are dead)

  • Starts with AOE Instant Death and 100% HP recovery.
  • Make sure you have reraise up or Safety Bit on your Raise units before you push the last Apostle.
  • Threshold at every 20% from 80% onwards.
  • If you use Black Magic on the boss, he will use a skill based on the Moon Phase you used it on (refer to the Moon Phase List above)
    – If you use Black Magic AND get the boss through a threshold, the boss will use that skill twice
  • Try to only hit the threshold during the Half Moon phase as there will not be much damage and also, you can cast Break immunity beforehand.


Recommended Unit

Tank – Wilhelm > WoL

Support – Rikku, Ramza?????, Roy

Healer – Ayaka, Rem, Tilith

Magic Attacker – Dark Fina, Trance Terra, VoL, Ace, Emperor, Bikini Fina


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