Damage Calculator – Beta 1.1

Monkun’s FFBE Damage Calculator

Monkun’s Simple FFBE Damage Calculator v1.1

v1.1 Notes:

  • Updated to include newly found data from: Monkun’s Mechanics and Theorycrafting
  • Use ATK/MAG stat shown on unit view screen.
  • Enemy DEF/SPR varies:
    • Earth Shrine – Belmodar has 160 DEF and 10 SPR.
    • Ifrit 2* has 280 DEF. Many other bosses appear to have around 280 DEF.
    • Golem 2* has 300 DEF and 150 SPR.
  • For regular attack command, leave Ability Multiplier at 100. For Tranquilty, use 120, etc.
  • For Ignore DEF/SPR, use % ignored, most DEF/SPR ignoring abilities are 25.
  • (*Needs further testing) For DEF/SPR Break, use % decreased from Power Break (30), Armor Break (15), etc.
  • Damage variance is 86% to 100%. The low and high ranges are accurate to within 1 point when unarmed or using magic based damage.
  • *Using different weapon types may change low and high damage ranges beyond what is shown here.
  • A more comprehensive calculator is being worked on and will be released in the near future.
Unit Level
Total ATK/MAG (shown)
Ability Multiplier
Ignore DEF/SPR %
DEF/SPR Break %

Expected Damage Output:

Low Range
High Range
Average Expected Output