Demons Unleashed

Challenge the event and craft yourself a Gravity Rod!

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Stage Energy Battles Rank Exp Exp Gil
BGN 5 4 50 924-1064 48-52
INT 10 4 100 2355-2377 202-207
ADV 15 4 150 4731-5496 508-652


Stage Monsters Drops First Clear Reward
BGN Floateye, Imp, Mage Spiritsand, Esper Shard, Litrock, Pearl of Wisdom, Farplane Soul, Seed of Life, Earth’s Core Recipe – Void Vessel
INT Floateye, Shadow, Dark Wizard, *Footpad Pearl of Wisdom, Dark Crys, Esper Shard, Talmonite of Life, Spiritsand, Litrock, Farplane Soul, Seed of Life, Demon Heart (chance to drop when you encounter Footpad) Recipe – Rod of Gravity, Massive Stone
ADV Ghost, Pitfiend, Dark Wizard, Bloody Eye, *FootpadHell’s Rider Seed of Life, Esper Shard, Farplane Dew, Farplane Soul, Dark Crys, Earth’s Core, Demon Heart (Boss guarantee Drop) Massive Stone, 100 Lapis

*If you’re lucky, you’ll encounter Footpad that drops Demon Heart
*Always Kill Bloody Eye first as it’ll casts Death.

Hell’s Rider 


Craft Materials Number
Void Vessel
Dark Crys 5
Farplane Soul 5
Rod of gravity
Massive Stone 1
Void Vessel 44
Litrock 66
Earth’s Core 66
Demon Heart 80


  1. 80 demon heart, that’s 80 rounds of ADV… just managed to get through once (had to revive my healer since every time she was seckilled by bloody eye). then also need 44 void vessels, which is 220 dark crys. seriously….

    • The demon hearts is my biggest thing. They give you two stones so you can make two staves. 80 for each staff, so if you want two, you need 160 of them. Not to mention that you’re timed for 14 days too.

      The dark cryst can be easily obtain via gifting and exploration. Also, since it’s a recipe, you can get those at any time unlike demon hearts and massive stones

      • yeah true, if you spend all the energy on this can probably get 1 rod by the end of this… running outta phoenix down though. is it only me who keeps on getting 3x bloody eyes??!!! and these beasts r evil, goes only after my healer or melee every time (Chizuru + Fina which are the only ones of any use anyway bear in mind my others are all dark mages…). grrr…

        • Having binged on this over the past 3 days, I’ve got 44 demon hearts up till the maintenance today. For me the best combination to clear ADV is (in this sequence): Fina’s Cheer + a debuffer of the physical attack sort (I’m using Leo) + Chizuru’s Barrage + Fina’s Cura to fill up HP each round. My other 5* are dark mages which are completely useless for this so they are just doing utterly pointless things like Drain & really I’m only using 3 units lol… Think dream combo would be 2 healers + 2 melees + 1 debuffer.

  2. Demons Unleashed Event period 8/1/16 – 8/15/16:
    Total time = 336 hours.

    80 Demon Hearts required for Crafting ONE rod.
    At least 1 guaranteed Demon Heart per ADV run = 15 Energy.
    80 Demon Hearts x 15 Energy = 1,200 Energy required.

    1 Energy recharged every 5 minutes.
    1,200 Energy Required divided by 5 minutes = 240 minutes.
    240 minutes = 4 Hours

    • Actually if you use all of your energy farming it, you can get 2 rods. You can get 15-17 demon hearts per day (not even counting encounters with cutpurses /footpad). That’s 5 day for 80 demon hearts, and the event last 2 weeks.

  3. Info isnt correct here. Demon hearts are random drops. You dont have to kill the footpads. I have 18 demon hearts so far and i only completed adv once. Im only doing int runs.

    • I’m did adv for couple of days and only managed to secure demon heart each run from from hell’s rider (damn hard without DPS like Chizuru). Footpad is scarce at adv, mostly bloody eye. Maybe I should try farming on int :/

      • Yup, its a random drop from the boss fight in INT or ADV. If youre just farming demon hearts, theres no need to waste the extra 5 energy or suffer through the insta deaths of ADV.

          • I get it 9/10 times in int and can do almost 4 times versus twice in adv. I also sometimes get the rare enemy and end up walking away with 2 demon hearts.

            Todays my second day doing this and I’m already at 34 demon hearts. Im trying to craft it before the 5th so that i can focus on the cactur dunes.

          • It’s super chancy still. I only got a 60% drop rate, which is slightly less NRG efficient than running ADV.

            Results do vary because of the RNG, and I was using Locke. Nothing is 100% even with Locke.

  4. pretty new in ffbe, riht now i am lvl 20… ADV is IMPOSSIBLE for me to beat, i managed to get into the boss round, but no chance.

    Can someone tell me if farming INT runes will yield enough items for atleast 1 rod?

    • I’ve been doing Int runs and currently on day three and currently sitting on 25 Demon Hearts. Only going for 1 rod so I expect to get it done this way. The footpads do show up and help out and the final boss has a chance to drop them as well…sometime getting an overkill on him will help but not confirmed.

  5. I have been doing INT only. I am half way through day 3 and I have 45 demon hearts. I agree ADV not worth it. Best to stick with INT.

  6. Just for numbers I have gotten 30 demon hearts in 50 INT runs.

    If I had spent that energy on ADV, I would have gotten 33 guaranteed + cutpurse drops.

    Because it can be so RNG based, I’d still recommend ADV if you can clear it easily (or until you run out of phoenix downs. Make friends with Terras!).

    These runs were done with a Locke with Treasure Hunter.

    • I love how your numbers came out so even and worked out exactly to prove your earlier statement correct. Its like they were precalculated..

      But whatever, do whats best for you. I did 20 runs on INT and got 18 hearts. No lucky charm locke, phoenix downs, revives or whatever. I can completely fast and just do auto battle while I work. Sitting at 55 right now.

      • Consider yourself extremely lucky and in the minority. Drop rate in INT seems to be closer to 50%, so if you’re 18/20, that’s an absolutely amazing stat, although likely unsustainable. I just blew 40 energy for 1 demon heart using INT. Yes, you can auto battle in INT, but knowing my luck, I’ll be 2/20 soon.

    • And I’ve done 33 ADV runs (495 NRG) with 39 demon hearts acquired.

      In the other page someone mentioned they got 39 in 50 INT runs (500 NRG). So combined with my 50 INT runs, running INT you can have up to a 30% variance in demon heart runs, and for me, that’s just way too much RNG for a grind quest. I prefer the reliability of ADV runs.

  7. Had been spending some days to farm ADV.. Can someone pls enlighten me how is the rod worth full? Btw I still dunno wat is SPR for.

  8. I must be cursed by RNG then. Im doing int because although i can clear adv its really difficult for me. We are almost at the end of the event and ive tried to do as often as i can. I have 23 hearts of 80 needed. It will be impossiblw for me

  9. when they end the event a day early gg
    When a company states something ends on the day, it means END of that day why have they stopped the event at the start of the day?


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