Demon Chimera

devil_chimera_statsDisclaimer: Guide based on the Japan Build of the game. I will edit accordingly once our global version is released!



Chimera is immune to the 3 basic elements so make sure you do not equip any weapons with Fire, Ice or Thunder Elemental Effect (Flametongue, Icebrand, Coral Sword).

You will need to prepare for Poison debuffs:

Equipment – Fairy Ring, Star Pendant
Skill – Poisona, Esuna, Healing Waltz


Depending on the level and firepower of your team, you will need at least 2 of the 3 Bar….ra Skill. The best is to bring all 3 or include a Cerius in your team.

Barfira – Colosseum BGN C-4
BarblizzaraWolfsfang Peak Exploration – Locked Chest
Barthundara – Colosseum BGN B-2

Other important abilities includes: Full Break, Power-Break, Magic-BreakCura/Curaja, Beast-Killer

Evil Chimera Attack Pattern


No. Skill Effect
1 Normal Attack Single Target Physical Damage
2 Frost Single Target Ice Magical Damage
3 Blaze AOE Fire Magical Damage
4 Snowstorm AOE Ice Magical Damage
5 Thunder AOE Thunder Magical Damage
6 Poison Breath AOE Poison Damage (use at 50%)


There’s a little bit of RNG involved in this fight so make sure you try to understand Chimera’s Attack Pattern. Players will need to survive the first 5 turns and after that, it’s easy mode. Remember to always keep your Power-Break and Magic-Break up to lessen the damage. As this can be quite a long fight, try not to use Cheer as you will need the MP to do Cura every turn.


  • Chimera will attack players with a mix of skill 1 and 2, 2-3 times per turn.
  • On Turn 2, Chimera will cast Blaze or Thunder. As we do not know which skill it will cast, Players will need to get your Barfira and Barthundara up by Turn 2
  • On Turn 4, Chimera will cast Blaze or Thunder depending on what it cast on turn 2. Example if Chimera cast Blaze on Turn 2, it will cast Thunder on Turn 4, if it cast Thunder on Turn 2, it will cast Blaze on Turn 4. Players may need to reapply 1 of the Bar-spell on this turn.
  • On Turn 5, Chimera will cast Snowstorm, so be prepared to apply your Barblizzara.
  • After Turn 5, it’s just alternating between skill 1 and 2, so make sure you just top off the low HP units and win the game.
  • At 50% and 30% HP, Chimera will cast Poison Breath on all your units. You can choose to remove the poison debuff or just heal back with your Cura.

Recommended Units

As Chimera is immune to the 3 main elements, it is best to face the boss with only Melee attackers. If you’re clearing Chimera for the first time, the recommended party setups are:

2 Attackers – 1 Breaker – 1 Healer – 1 Support (with Heal capabilities) or
2 Attackers – 1 Breaker – 2 Healers

Attackers – COD, Bartz, Firion, Leo, Chizuru, Garland, Lasswell
Breakers – Vaan, Duane, Rain
Healer – Roselia, Fina, Krile, Anzelm
Support – Cerius, Cecil,



Players will be rewarded with a Force Armor for clearing Evil Chimera for the first time.

Stats – +51Def, +13SPR, +10% resist to Fire, Ice and Thunder.