1 1000 70000
First clear reward
Apollo Harp (Harp: ATK+34, MAG+110, SPR+30, Dragon Killer+, Enable Hero’s Rime (boost 4 stats while singing))



Erinyes– Demon
LV – 99
HP – 2,000,000
MP – 6000
+200% Water, Light, Dark Resistance | -100% Fire and Lightning Resistance
Immune to all


BOSS / Attack Pattern
Tolerance AOE Poison (100%)
Grudge AOE Disease (100%)
Dead sleep AOE Sleep (100%)
Brutish AOE Blind (100%)
Paralysis AOE Paralyze (100%)
Silence AOE Silence (100%)
Grudge AOE Confuse (100%)
Giant stone AOE Petrify (100%)
Beast nail ST Water+Light Magic Attack
Song of the Dead AOE Dark Magic Attack with Full-break (30%) for 3 turns
(Used at 70% / 50% / 30% HP)
Deep Tsunami ST Water+Light Magic Attack
Fog of loudness Charm (100%) 
(used at HP 70% / 40% / 20%)
Wall of Resentment ST Dark Attack + Silence + Gain Reflect for 3 turns
Demons gathered around Buff Water, Light and Dark Resistance for 3 turns + 4 stats up by 20%
(used at HP 50%)
Eye of the Killer Stop for 2 Turns
(First strike, Used when HP 50% or less)


  • Demon Killer
  • SPR Break is effective
  • First Strike – STOP at target with highest MP
  • High Physical Defense (Mage Team)
  • Every turn, it uses different status ailment debuff thus Ribbon up your units.
  • Prevent Petrification on you healer at all cost!
  • Grudge Wall will buff your team with reflect making it impossible to heal with White Magic. It is good to dispel your team off the reflect or use healers that heals with Non White Magic (TBC)
  • Prepare Dark Resistance to tackle it’s threshold skill.
  • Dispel the Elemental Buffs at 50%
  • It is said that it’s difficulty level is slightly above Gilgamesh.

Recommended Team

You can bring a team of Mages or a Setzer based team to tackle this boss.

Mage Team – 1 Tank 1 Support 1 Heal + 2 Mages

Mage – D.Fina, T.Terra, Ace

Since the Boss only has 2m HP and you do not need energy to challenge it, you can try going all out with a Setzer team. You’ll need quite a lot of luck though.

Setzer Team – 1 Buffer + 4 Setzers?


My Team (safety first):

Zargabaath – Buff 4 stats + Dark Resistance
Tilith – Decoy for Stop and Main Healer from turn 3 onwards
Refia – Healer for first 2 turns
Ace x 2 – Main Attackers with Tri-beam+2