Event – BF Collab: Grand Gaia Chronicles


This week, we’ll be heading to Brave Frontier land, Grand Gaia to take on Vargas!






Bonus Points:


Moving forward, all King Mog events will get boosted Token drop rates if you bring along the featured characters. This is pretty much Square Enix’s way to “encourage” us to summon MORE.

For more detail on the event, don’t forget to follow the guide here.


  1. The only costly prize is MAG+15%, and considering how easy it is to get MAG+10% and how casters will be useless, it’s not really worth the effort…

    Looks like I can just scoop up all the cheaper prizes and then continue with TM.

  2. The fight would be as easy as abc if you have black cat lid. Attack the boss with hex strike and boss will have three status ailment, i.e. Blind, Poison and para. With poison, the boss HP will deduct 55,000 per turn. Then, kill it with all ur power. Boss should be KO by you within 3 to 4 turns

    • yeah totally agree, I’m actually using this to to farm my non-max units since 21k exp a pop and so easy with BC Lid~~ 😀 totally gutted only have seen metal god ONCE outta like 100 runs. surreal…

  3. i tried hard one full frontal atk , 1st run i used bc lid ^^, 2nd run to make record i forgot to change party so i used party for xande FF 3’s event

  4. this event ‘Must’ pull at least 1 bf unit to complete all item here , ohh great…
    coz metal very very rare spawn for me 5x battle only found one … -__-“

  5. Cloud of Darkness is insane in this. Put one in Ifrit’s slot and it will take zero dmg from most attacks with 100 percent fire resistance. I have 2 CoD, and I think those two can carry 3+1 bonus characters (currently only pulled a Karl and a Tilith, but with a Cecil it’s piece of cake)

  6. Easy Boss. 50+ runs and only seen metal gods twice. Don’t think ill make all the items at this rate.
    Luneth, Lenna, Elza friend kills boss in 2 turns.


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