Event – Demons Unleashed


The first unofficial/official Vortex event is here! Complete the event and get yourself a Mag+35 Rod! All your Kefka and Ex-death users, time for an upgrade!

Before I start, PLEASE (x1000) read all the information I have listed here before asking questions on the right. If you refuse to read the small text on your phone, I’ve taken time to rewrite the details here so once again, PLEASE (x1000) read before asking questions on the right.

Event Guide Here

Event Period:
1 Aug 2016 0:00 PST – 15 Aug 2016 23:59 PST


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Clear BGN and INT mode to grab the Recipe for Rod of Gravity and farm Massive Stones from ADV mode.


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Extra Information

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Note: I think…or I believe this is a global exclusive event because I can’t find any information on the Japan Wikissss. If anyone knows about, please let me know in the events below so that I can pre-prep the guide, if not we’ll just have to YOLO on Monday


  1. Ive run through beginner and intermediate and no drops of the initial clearance rewards. I wonder if there random and you need to keep completing the stages until they drop? Or the times listed are wrong…. Anyone had any luck yet?

  2. Recipes:
    Void Vessel
    5x Dark Crysts
    5x Farplane Soul

    Gravity Rod:
    1x Massive Stone
    44x Void Vessel
    66x Litrock
    66x Earth’s Core
    80x Demon Heart

  3. cutpersus and footpads appears randomly on ADV stages and drops demon heart. You can get demon heart when you beat the boss on ADV stage.

  4. Think it’s better to grind into or adv for demon hearts? I know it says 1 is guaranteed for adv but maybe it is better still?

  5. Demon heart also drops at beginner and intermedate at the boss stages but rarely. Best to just go for adv.

    Litrock can be be farm really easily in this vortex by using steal on any of the monster (about 4-10 each time you enter).

    Earth core, farplane soul, litrock drop by enemies occasionally. Sometime not.

  6. Hiya 🙂 thanks for the info !
    Just asking : in your opinion, where is the best place to farm Farplane souls? It’s the only mat I find difficult to get. I read the wiki and locations, but still having a hard time finding a good drop rate place.

    • Same, I need Farplane souls. You can steal from green wisps in Phantom Forest -EXP, but it’s a pain. I wonder if anyone else has a better suggestion?

  7. Yo, After running int 50 times, i have 39 demon hearts. Not sure if i just got super lucky. but at least there’s a ratio to work with 🙂 GLHF

  8. I’ve been trying to find these cut purses and footpads in the Dalnakya Plains all day but I haven’t found one yet. Is anyone else having this issue or was the message they put up about it them incorrect? Feels like I’ve just been wasting my time.

      • Thanks for replying Dnewgee.
        I had actually meant to include that I was in the Vortex too but I’m still coming up empty handed, I’ve made maybe about 10+ runs through INT and maybe 2-3 through ADV and haven’t seen 1 yet. So I wasn’t sure if there was just something I was missing or… Just shitty luck maybe? Lol

  9. Its the dark cryst thats dam tough to farm.

    Where do u guys farm those. Its like 1-2 per vortexes only adv n int.

    Does bgn drop more ?

  10. Cutpurses and Footpads will randomly show up in any of the difficulties.

    You have a chance at a demon heart in any difficulty as well but it’s assured in the ADV. That being said, it drops frequently enough in INT, an overkill almost assures it.

    Dark Cryst will drop too but request it from friends as well (this will probably be the Hardest to get)

    Depending on how much NRG you have INT might be the easiest way to go.

    If you can complete the boss in ADV go that way.

    Good luck guys!

  11. Im having a really hard time beating ADV level. The bloody eyes with the instant KO and boss and tearing me up. Whats some ways of beating these guys?

    • Yeah the most annoying battle if you counter three bloody eyes repeatedly, since death RNG haunts you if you not fast enough to kill them..
      For ADV level I always bring at least three units with good physical atk.. ( I bring Chizuru & Garland) and get another Chizuru/Buts/CoD from friend leader.. Frankly speaking units with barrage will make your days.. one magic user for aoe damage (Vivi in my case, I don’t have Ex-death), one support/utility unit (Vahn – Full break FTW), and one healer (I bring Krile – double cast Cura). The boss seems like anti-magic for me.. therefore I tend to choose physical route..

  12. I do easy ADV i got terra 5* with nice dmg who can rezz and CoD for dmg the other guys r 4* kefka, story priest character, locke (steal)

  13. I’ve had some descent success using sleep on the Blood Eyes. I have Siren on Fina and she attacks last with lullaby. About a 75% success rate sleeping all of them. Usually get at least 1. The other mobs are all susceptible to Gravity except the Hell Rider. I save limit breaks and deprotect/deshell/cheer to maximize damage. Power break works well to drop his damage output since his attacks are mostly physical.

  14. Anyone knows that after the event the recipe still there ? I mean u can still make the rod cause dark cryst is pain to collect will take more than 2 weeks to get 44 void for me…

  15. That Advanced was tough as nails. If I didn’t take my best companion Chizuru the one with freaking 300 ATK, I would have been majorly boned, first time a couple days ago, that death attack had me down to 2 guys going into 3rd round.

    What I learned is that Laswell is amazing. Laswell dodged at least 3 of Hellrider’s last 8 attacks, which was much needed break to get people the antidote and healed, my Double G’s (Gar and Gol) spent last 5 turns just healing Rain who kept taking hits, while Laswell and Chizuru finished it off, I should have taken Fran for Deprotect, cause poor Fina got knocked the F out by Hellrider, before I needed her, which sucked, cause half way through, started getting poisoned and needed a healer. I added Golbez and Garland over Mel and Shantotto for this tougher battle, those 2 have been joining Rain, Laswell, and Fina, however, Garland with Siren attachment, turned out to be amazing, cause his HP is stacked to roof, and he was healing to the end, fully poisoned and on knees, and that counter attack, he is full package. Golbez is great mage, but he was useless in boss, he is better for outnumbered situations.

    I need more of those Summer Tickets. Hopefully Tellah pans out, I’ve yet to get a solid healer who can take a beating, I’d pick Garland but he gets 0 abilites, which is why Golbez might take his spot cause of the 4 abilties slots.

  16. Been farming like crazy & got 120 demons hearts now. All goes well should get the remaining 40 from ADV before the weekend (actually have seen fair footpads maybe 1/5 games on my side). Waaaay behind on dark cryst though, only got 21 dark vessels so far. Used up my reserve on making MP+10% & Bio blaster before the event so need like good 335 more lol. seriously where can i get these?!


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