Event – Guardian of the Order


Forth Story Event is here!

This is basically a bunch of side-story event where you’ll learn more about some of the side characters in FFBE. Each Chapter has its own set of Stages to complete and you cannot leave the Chapter until you’re done with all the stages (you can still Give Up and start from the beginning).

NOTE: Before entering a stage, make sure you scroll through the Achievement tab (yes you can scroll) to see what are all the requirements. 

Name Total NRG Rank EXP
Rumor of a Kidnapping 15 453
Those Behind the Scenes 25 780
Premonition of Unrest 35 1131
The Lost Children 45 1506
Whereabouts of the Children 55 1905
A Gang of Heretics 65 2328
Suicide Pursuit 75 2775
Guardian of Order 85 3246
A New Era 90 3515
The Future of Grandshelt 90 3515


You can farm Giancryst from the last 4 stages in this event.

Name Ailcryst (8-10) Milcryst (7-9) Heavicryst (3-4) Giancryst (1)
Suicide Pursuit Guard, Power, Support, Tech Guard, Power, Support, Tech Guard, Power, Support, Tech Guard, Power, Support, Tech
Guardian of Order
A New Era
The Future of Grandshelt


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