Event – Lands of Plenty Is Back With a Sword


The Festival of Autumn Moon event ended with a bang and I’m pretty sure most of you are sick and tired of the Exploration Dungeons. Just when you thought everything is over… here comes another Exploration Event!

The good thing is,  you do not need to fight every monster in the dungeon but just collect the materials from the pick up points (I hope…).


9/18 1:00 – 9/22 0:59 PDT

The event should be pretty simple so don’t miss this chance to get your free sword! Remember to check out the guide here for the pickup spots!


  1. I wasn’t expecting this event to be so hard and entered with my TM team and got destroyed, but it’s relatively easy with my main team.

    Looks like lumber will be the toughest to gather for me, but I’ll just get 160 cavern ore and slowly craft 2 Shining Splendors later.

    • haha nice try liar. even with items from all previous events and full hero’s rings on a kefka, chizuru, wol, cod, lenna team, it isn’t anything close to easy. it is still pretty tough with both the gigas and ogre being highly resistant to the best debuffs. recommend using amarant here.

      • I mean, why is he lying? Lol. I agree with “relatively easy”; it’s not that bad after the first time and learning it. My team is Golbez, Tellah (250+ and 260+ mag), WoL, Bartz, and Lenna, and I pick a high MAG mage, usually Kefka, as my companion. Three nukers, 1 Barrage, Cheer, Golem’s Earthen Wall, and of course Full Break make it pretty smooth. Of course, I almost always need a Tent after the 1st boss and some ethers after the 2nd….

      • My main team is WoL, Rain, Golbez, Terra, Fina, plus Kefka or Chizuru friend.

        I usually take Tellah instead of Rain, but my team is a bit short of physical attackers for the first boss and Rain is more tank, so I chose him instead. And I’m doing exactly the same thing as Porkchamp, except I just smash it away without casting on first boss, so I don’t get Osmose and no need to even use ethers.

        My hero choices are sorta crappy since I rerolled WoL and I’ve been saving lapis other than daily pulls and tickets for about 2 months now, but I do have 3 +15%HP and about 12 +10%DEF mostly distributed among casters, so none of the bosses are anywhere close to killing any member of my team.

        By “relatively easy”, I mean I can win 100% of the time without using items other than tent, but not “easy” because it does take some time to kill bosses.

        If you’re having trouble beating this, then it’s because you don’t have enough defensive abilities stocked up, or maybe because you don’t have a second healer in your team like Terra and Tellah to use when you need to recast Cheer after 3 turns, because you shouldn’t be having trouble in this event with the kind of heroes you have.

        • No trouble at all, was just very time consuming with that party setup, so I changed it up. Found a magic team with Amarant as main tank is best, since he can draw most of the attacks his way and with Chakra for self heal hp/mp plus blind and poison removal, can’t be beat. All 3 bosses drop fast with a high magic 3 to 4 ele chain. I don’t have to use a tent til Ogre, so far I have been lucky and amarant has been the one taking osmose to the face on the first boss.
          No need for full break at all since most of it is resisted, just curse, boost magic for pt, and chain away.

      • I clear the Pro dungeon with only using 1 tent, it is a fairly easy clear. My team is Chizuru, Vaan, Terra, Kefka, and Lenna. I try and use Chizuru or Garland as an ally. I stay away from Barrage, I generally use Raging Fist with both, Full Break with Vaan, have Blizzara on Terra/Vaan to chain with Kefka. I also avoid Hyperdrive/Cheer as it takes too many MP. I have also beaten it on a second device running Garland, Firion, Cloud of Darkness, Kefka, and Lenna, but that run was painful and took Turbo Ethers after the tent.

    • I just started so am I even capable of doing this? My team is 34 Lasswell, 33 Rain, 39 Fina, 32 Fran, 35 Warrior of Light with what ever friend that was the most powerful like Exdeath or something.

    • I haven’t started farming lumber yet, but BGN is 5 pickup spots for 5 energy and ADV is 9 spots for 15 energy, so probably Lands of Plenty BGN is best…

      Don’t think there’s a difference in drop quality between BGN and ADV.

      • Thanks for the help, i’m winning between 5 to 8 Lamber in BGN, i’m forging now the 3 superior blade, and doing the PRO mode to get the cavern ore

  2. Really liking the higher spawn rate of minitaur.

    Toughness of mobs let’s you farm burst in a way, or just in general as you’re exploring put points in that direction.

    Porkchamp is right though once you get the rotation down it’s OK even for a melle team, mind you it’s taking me like 15 minutes per explore but I’m getting there, sitting at 123 ore, almost there and going to farm lumber soon

  3. Didnt use any items. It will be very easy to clear if you have a wol in your team. The bosses will resist the full break but well, usually he will only resist 1 or 2 out of the 4 elements. So its still the best skill to use. Use only your golem’s LB as the rest of the LBs are like scratching their balls only.

    My team:
    dps – chizuru, bartz (get someone with barrage)
    tank – wol with provoke and cover from golem (other tanks will do too but wol gets my nod for the full break)
    mage / 2nd healer – exdeath (gets my nod over kelfa due to his natural high def stats)
    main healer – roselia with attack / defence song from siren (I know she will be unavailable for 3 rounds if she uses the attack/defence songs but its a personal challenge for myself. Use lenna/fina if you want it easier.)

    i prefer to select fencer from my friend list for the dps. =)

    Make sure before engaging the first boss, all limits are full. use full break on him and cheer to boost ur dps’ attacks. Then let loose on him with your limits. Then pray that he doesn’t use osmose on your heros (make sure you have turbo ethers in your bag just in case), then finish him with barrages and spells. Easy right? TRY TO SAVE MANA AS MUCH AS YOU CAN FOR THE 2ND AND 3RD BOSS

    Walk back and max out everyone’s LB first before engaging the second boss (there is a chance to encounter minitaur and get that bright star quartz =D). The second boss is annoying so make sure your main healer has jeweled ring (to resist paralyse and petrify)
    Here comes the key man, wol. Use full break as usual then the barrage/spells as usual. Try to use provoke as much as you can, put on defend mode so he can protect your other members occasionally. It will not be fast, but you will win. Try to use half of the mana of your heros so you will have enough for the last boss (If you intend to use tent and just go ahead and spam everything. You can get tent from the last boss in colosseum int S3.)

    Do the same thing again by maxing the heros’ LBs before engaging the last boss. Use the same tactic again.

    Im lazy to grind so Ill just settle for 2 swords.

    PS: Out of topic but I just wanna say im so excited over lightning and charlotteeeeeeee wooohooooooooooooooo


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