Event – The Gathering


New story event!!!

Finally we have a new event type. This is basically a bunch of side-story event where you’ll learn more about some of the side characters in FFBE. Each Chapter has its own set of Stages to complete and you cannot leave the Chapter until you’re done with all the stages (you can still Give Up and start from the beginning).

NOTE: Before entering a stage, make sure you scroll through the Achievement tab (yes you can scroll) to see what are all the requirements. 

Part 1

Stage Energy Battle GIL UNIT EXP RANK EXP
The Chocobo Knight 25 11 455 1050 600
The Boy’s Request 35 12 514 1045 879
The Novice Swordswoman 45 13 1182
The Persistent Swordswoman 55 14 1397 4400 1509
The Faithful Doctor 65 15 2995 12100 1860
Journey with a Cause 75 16 3737 15510 2235
When Fates Cross 85 17 5917 26100 2634
The Gathering 95 3057

Part 2 

Stage Energy Battle GIL UNIT EXP RANK EXP
Mission Accepted 100 3285
Woods of Miasma 100 3305


  1. Does anyone know if Xon or Locke make a difference with drops? I was under the impression that event drops are fixed, but it looks like the “boss” for each stage drops something. So maybe Xon would make a difference?


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