SO! I’ve been answering the same questions over and over again and decided to do a FAQ to answer all your common questions once and for all! If any of your questions are not listed here and you think that many people are curious about it… please comment below:

  1. How to reroll?
  2. What to reroll for?
  3. How to get Fina?
  4. How to open locked-chest?
  5. What are Earth Keys?
  6. What are the stats on Espers for?
  7. Which Stats to add for Espers?
  8. What are Star Quartz for?
  9. What are Trust Masters?
  10. Where do you get Materials for Awakening

1. How to reroll?

Step 1 – Prepare a dummy Facebook Account.
Step 2 – Play the game for the first time and link it to this dummy account if you are not happy with what you get.
Step 3 – Logout of your dummy Facebook Account and restart the app.
Step 4 – Play the game without logging in and it will be a brand new Account.
Step 5 – If you are not happy with the draws again, login to your dummy account and repeat step 3 to start a new account again.

2. What to reroll for?

Before I start, all of you need to know that rolling for a good unit doesn’t mean rolling for a 5* unit. The aim is to roll the CHARACTER that can become a 5* eventually. For example, Getting a 3* Exdeath is 10000000000 times better than getting a 4* Shantotto. Now here’s my list on who you should be aiming for if you are rerolling within the first 2 weeks of June.

The following tier list is based on the character’s usefulness for the next 2 months. The ranking will change when more units are introduced. Note: You will eventually be able to get all the tier 1 characters during rate up events so try not to be so stubborn or greedy.

Tier 1 – Exdeath, Cloud of Darkness, Vaan, Cecil, Firion, Bartz.
Tier 2 – Terra, Leo, Miyuki, Duane, Cerius, Roselia
Tier 3 – Celes, Garland, Zidane, Kuja

Getting any of the above characters is actually a “good to go”, so don’t waste time on rerolling too many times and concentrate on ranking up your character level.

3. How to get Fina?

Follow the main storyline and unlock Fina by completing all the stages in Lanzelt > Lechios Hills.

4. How to open locked-chest?

You can buy the keys to open locked-chest with Lapis from the cash shop. You can also craft them but currently, getting the materials to craft them is super difficult so I would suggest not to bother the “cheapskate” method. For the list of Locked-chest, please check out this page.

  1. You will need to “equip” your keys to open locked-chest in Exploration mode.
  2. However, you need to unequip your keys to open locked-chest in towns.

5. What are Earth Keys?

Earth Keys are special keys that are use to open good stuff in the Vault. You can unlock the vault by completing the “Memories of Mother” quest in Royal Capital Grandshelt. Here’s a list of rewards that you can get from earth keys.

6. What are the stats on Espers for?

1% of the Stats from your Espers will be added to your character that is equipping it.

7.  Which Stats to unlock for Espers?

Basically, you will want to aim to unlock all the useful abilities from your Espers first before unlocking the stats.

Skills > Esper’s Main Stats > The rest

Main Stats – Stats that the Esper specialises in. Example:
Ifrit and Shiva- ATK
Golem – DEF
Ramuh – MAG

8. What are Star Quartz for?

Star Quartz is a currency used in the Secret Chocobo Shop in The Lost Village of Marlo. Check out the Wolfsfang Peak Exploration page and see how to unlock the town.

9. What are Trust Masters?

Trust Masters is basically a mechanic in the game to force players to grind for special rewards while waiting for new content. For more detailed information on Trust Master rewards, check out here. For a list of TM rewards, check out here.

10. Where do you get Materials for Awakening

All awakening materials can be gotten throughout the game and the Chamber of Awakening (Vortex). Most of the stuff such as Heaven’s Ash, Litrock or Scripture of Time are common drops in Lanzelt. The only material that you should be concern about is the Sacred Crystal and Holy Crystal. Although both can be dropped by certain bosses in Lanzelt, it is best to farm Sacred Crystals from Chamber of Awakening INT and ADV for Holy Crystal.


  1. What do I do after the battle with Veritas in the Ruins? How do I advance to chapter 3? I’m stuck at Grandport wandering around.

  2. Hello, I cannot play FFBE because when I open the app it will say ‘the purchase of lapis has been cancelled’ (or something like that) and it would send me to the chests (the ones where you can buy with cash or lapis) and I would try to buy lapis but it can’t (I accidently pressed on one of the money chest while trying to get the metal catuar chest) and it would say ‘server_MSG_207’, what can I do to fix this issue?

  3. Can you only awaken a character(besides rain and lasswell) 1 time or do I have to do something else in order to awaken them More times

  4. are there going to be other awakening materials for 6 star besides holy/sacred crystal? ie, can we pre-farm our 6* awakening mats now?

    • Limit bursts get leveled by using them. Some take more than others to level up. From what I’ve seen, higher stars have stronger bursts, so you have to use them a lot more times before they level. Haven’t seen any item that helps with that.

  5. Hi all,

    I already at olderion and already defeated leviathan after the scene over, next i have to go back to aquapolis olderion..at aquapolis olderion there is no scene or anything..
    Please help and guide..cos im stuck in here..
    Thank you

  6. Hello… I have some of units that I want to maxed out… But I got tired and bored since it took me a loooooong time, especially for maxing out 3* units to 5*. Any tips? And how do I get 6* awakening materials? Especially the divine crystals… Thanks 🙂

  7. Can any1 help me…Im stuck in the game…when I want 2 press inferno hollow it won’t let me go in…I juzz could go 2 or do port…port city lodin…royal capital grandshelt…n town of mitra…I can’t finish sum missions kuz I can’t get 2 the other places….

  8. It seems like the esper charge meter fills up randomly. Is there anything in particular that makes it fill up? I am trying to complete a challenge on one of the stages, but it wants me to invoke Siren but I keep clearing the stage before it fills up. I have tried sending in less people, having everyone sit and defend, sending in weaker people, and nothing seems to be working. Any help with this would be appreciated.

  9. I have a strange situation here, me and my friend both started to play ffbe about a month or few more days to that. At the beginning I didn’t noticed, then I headed for phantom Forest. Till Siren’s Tower we r not supposed to have any espers, I knew it, but I had lvl6 1* oldin. Now I’m about to finish aquapolis olderion federation and labelled up oldin to lvl20. My question is what will happen when I reach oldin for the first time, till then I think my current oldin will be maxed?


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