FFBE – August Week One Update


Go go Power Rangers~~~

As you guys know, maintenance started early this week as we prepare for the coming of the Power Rangers Veritas.

1. The High Seraph – Ultima

First up, we have the Mog King Trial where we’ll be fighting the second form of Ultima. The rewards are………… decent I guess.. *shrug*. Anyway, check out the guide for the trial here.

2. Time for Revenge

Next up, we have our 3rd Story event for global. This time, we’ll be able to find out more about the Veritas. This is also a good place to farm those Giancrys.

I’m sure many will agree with me that the last Story Event’s plot was pretty good so I’m hoping this one will not fail.

3. New Summon Banner

Before I touch on each individual unit, let me first answer the most important question: “Should I Pull or not?”. The answer is pretty much YES……. but not now. With all the talk that the NiER banner is coming up next week and also since we are due for a Raid event (Yes, NiER’s event is a raid event and it’s been 5-6 weeks since we had our last one), the chances of it coming to global next week is pretty high.

Both banners have really good TM rewards if you’re looking to BiS your units. The difference is that, the NiER banner is a limited time banner which means you cannot get the units after the 2 weeks (unless they bring them back again). It is possible to get a “troll” Veritas on the NiER banner but not the other way round (70% of my 5* units are gotten from other banners and not their respective ones). With that said, I suggest waiting out for a week till they announce the next banner before you pull for this one. Furthermore, this is not a Mog Event banner thus there is no hurry in getting them.

Now let us take a look at the units on this week’s banner:

Orlandeau for Light, Fryevia for Ice, Aileen for Earth, Knight Delita for Lightning and now we have Veritas of the Dark for Dark. His main Attack skill, Dark Punishment, is a 7 hit attack with 200% Physical Damage and 50% ignore DEF. It also decreases the target’s dark resistance by 50%.

Not only is Veritas of the Dark great as a Dark type Chain Attacker, he can buff the team with Defensive Barrier which decreases damage taken by allies by 20% for 3 turns. If your Rikku is on cooldown or you do not have her, VoD can actually step up as an Attacking-Support role. Furthermore, he can cast a skill called Impact that reduces the 4 stats of ALL enemies by 45%.

VoD has a passive skill that gives him 100% ATK/DEF when HP is below 30%. If you’re a bit of a risk-taker, you can try playing with the Low HP build but make sure you have your Auto-Raise up at all times.

Like any other Chainers, you’ll need at least 2 of them to bring out their full potential. Fortunately, VoD’s chain timing is similar to Orlandeau’s thus you only need one of him (if you already got an Orlandeau) or at least many Orlandeau friends to bring out his potential.

To top it off, the TM reward for VoD is almost a must for BiS. 60% ATK increase for equipping Great Sword and Heavy Armor. Yummy!

Pull bar – 10/10

Veritas of the Flame is more of a Finisher-Support role unit. He has skills that can lower the Elemental Resistance (Fire, Earth, Wind, Dark) of the enemy by 50% while turning his physical attacks into those elements.

Similar to VoD, VoF can cast Defensive barrier to reduce 20% damage taken by the party. He can also “Inspire” the party by increasing their ATK/MAG by 80% for 3 turns!

Bring him along to Fire type Bosses as the Flamelord passive allows him to absorb fire damage taken and also increase ATK by 150% when HP is below 50%. This gives him the potential to be one of the best finisher in Global.

As for his TM reward, there aren’t many Axe in the global version right now that can bring out it’s potential. However, knowing how Square Enix likes to add Global Exclusive stuff to the global build, I’m pretty sure we’ll see the next big Axe pretty soon.

Pull bar – 9/10

If you need a tank for Earth type bosses, the Earthlord is definitely the best one for you. Almost every skill of VoE spells DEF. Veritas of the Earth is able to cast 100% Earth Resistance to all allies, increase status breaks by 100% to all allies for 3 turns, decrease damage taken by 20%, 100% Provoke and even acquire more DEF/SPR when HP is below 30%.

At max upgrade, VoE’s Limit burst can reduce 54% damage taken by the party. That’s only 6% short of the level 2 Golem’s Evoke.

The TM reward for VoE is actually pretty good for Tanks that can counter attack. 40% more DEF is always welcomed! If for some reason, you’re still lacking a Tank or you want some variety in your team, VoE can definitely fill up that role.

Pull Bar – 7/10

To be honest, I’m not quite sure about how Victoria’s skill works so I’ll just talk about some of her specialty. She has innate Dual Black Magic which you can use to cast Darkga, Firaja or Meteor. A 10 hit Dark Magic damage skill called Overflow which deals 220% damage that increases by 120% (up to 7x) to all enemies. I suppose you can chain with this?

The downside of her is that her spells actually require quite a bit of MP to cast. Furthermore, her innate MP recovery skill only gives her 5% MP return per turn.

As for her TM reward, look at that delicious looking numbers for the MAG! Dark Robe is currently the best MAG robe in terms of numbers.

Pull bar – 6.5/10

Timothy is definitely the “Troll” for this banner however, not all Trolls are created equal. Some of them are useful in their own ways. As a unit, I do not think that he is going to be useful. However, look at the TM Reward!

Trick Hat is definitely the best MAG giving hat for Mages thus far. Also, it adds 15% MP to the wearer. As a 3* unit, Timothy is definitely a must have just for that TM reward.

Pull bar – You’re going to get him sooner or later as long as you summon 

To summarize, all 5 units on this banner have really good TM rewards that can boost your team’s fight capabilities. I hate to say this but you might want to chase for VoD if you have some spare tickets or cash lying around (better if you donate them to me). However, for the budget people (like me), you might want to wait another week to see if the NiER banner is coming out next week.


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