FFBE – Update 1.1.0 – Please Read (Summoning Tickets)


Square Enix decided to fast forward and give us the UI patch before the 6* characters release! Below are some of the things you should know about the patch, so please read this post before asking questions >>>>>>

Official Patch Notes for 1.1.0

– 10 + 1 summon option added
– Rarity display for items, equipment and abilities added
– “Vortex” button text changed to “Farplane”
– Auto Limit Burst option added to Settings
– Stars filter added to Sort function
– No. filter added to Sort function
– Slot expansion slider implemented
– General bug fixes and optimisations implemented
– Friend gifting/daily quest reset time fix changed to PDT 1:00 (PST 0:00)

Things that you should know

  • Your summoning tickets DID NOT DISAPPEAR. See below on how to activate Summoning Tickets

Banner changes

First Banner on top – Featured Summon character rate up
Second Banner – Normal Premium Summon with no Rate up (you can get all the current 5 Star-able units with the same equally low chance)
Third Banner – Friendship Banner



  1. Also I notice if you enhance your units, the matching units will appear first, that way you don’t have to scroll through your whole unit list searching for trust up units. Great feature added


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