New YouTube video yeah~

The video starts with Global PD apologizing for the “hacking” incident which happened a month ago.

This week, we’ll be getting our Halloween Event!

Grim Lord Sakura will have a special skill that can instead of Dual Cast Magic, she could Dual Cast Abilities instead.

Illusionist Nichol’s role is to Support the team with various Spells. He has a special buff that can allow a single ally to do AOE shield for the team.

The skill set for Pirate Jake is similar to the original Jake. However, he can now dual wield Guns and Swords. Last but not least, this pervy here has innate cover for Female Party members 🙂

Black Cat Lid can now be upgraded to 6*. She used to be the only useful unit back in the previous Halloween banner. I can’t wait to see if she’s still viable in today’s meta.


There seems to be a new event format:

  • Fight Stages for Skeleton Keys
  • Skeleton Keys can be used to enter bonus stages
  • Challenge Bosses will come the following week

Ability Awakening (Mid October)

Drum Roll……………………………… STILL NO Ramza

The biggest news here is that Conehead Fina’s Cone will have a change of colour!


Qns: Will Limited Edition Units comeback?

Ans: Last year’s Halloween Unit will be back, together with the Winter units (Noel).

Qns: Why all main series Antagonists are all so weak?

Ans: It depends on the timing of the unit when it comes out in the game. In short, balance issues.


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