Floating Continent

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1000 Years ago… when the War of the Magi that had ravaged the land finally ended, the power of magic vanished from the world.

In the wake of a technological revoulution the Gestahlian Empire, which somehow restored the power of magic in hopes of taking over the world, faces off against the Returners, the rebel force that opposes it.

Set afloat by the empire once again, the Floating Continent has now appeared in the Dimensional Vortex. Rain and company shall behold the wonders of this land, and the mysterious girl able to manipulate magic who journeyed across it with her friends…


Global Changes:


Note: This is suppose to be a 2 part event. We should be challenging Kefka himself in the following week. You can read it here.

First Clear Rewards:

Dungeon First Clear Reward
BGN Rare Summon Ticket x 1
INT Fish x 200
ADV Fish x 300
PRO Fish x 500
ELT Lapis x 500
The Psycho Clown (part 2) Trust Moogle 4*

Mog King Rewards:

Item Fish Limit
Hi-Potion 5 10
Ether 5 10
Tent 5 10
X-Potion 20 10
Turbo Ether 20 10
Remedy 30 10
Metal Gigantuar 100 100
Elixir 100 10
Phoenix Down 200 10
Screamroot 150 10
Fine Alcryst 150 10
Red Megacite 100 30
Blue Megacite 100 30
Violet Megacite 100 30
Orange Megacite 100 30
Yellow Megacite 100 30
Sacred Crystal 150 20
Fairies’ Writ 160 25
Rainbow Bloom 160 25
Calamity Gem 160 25
Prismatic Horn 160 25
Calamity Writ 160 25
Divine Crystal 160 25
Fairies’ Writ 540 300
Rainbow Bloom 540 300
Calamity Gem 540 300
Prismatic Horn 540 300
Calamity Writ 540 300
Divine Crystal 540 300
Hard Rock 100
Fury Seed 100
Wicked Drop 100
Brillant Ray 100
Lucky Seedling 100
Bizarre Box 100
Star Quartz
300 4
600 3
900 3
Rare Summon Ticket
500 2
1000 3
3000 2
6,000 3
Trust Moogle 1* 10,000 5
Trust Moogle 30,000 1


Unique Rewards

Item Fish Limit
Beret (Hat: Def/Spr +10, Mag+10%) 3000 1
Tabby Suit (Cloth: Def+30, Spr+20, HP/MP+10%, Poison Null) 10000 1
Returner (Ability: MP+10%, Atk/Def+5%) 3200 4
Warrior Mage (Ability: MP+10%, Mag/Spr+5%) 3200 4
MP +15% 15000 1
ATK +15% 35000 1

Character Bonus

Units Bonus
Trance Terra 100% up
Setzer 75% up
Gau 50% up
Terra 50% up
Kefka 50% up



Monsters Area
Brainpan BGN, INT, ADV
Ninja (BGN Boss) BGN, INT, ADV, PRO, ELT
Gigantos (INT Boss) INT, ADV, PRO, ELT
Behemoth (ADV Boss) ADV, ELT
Platinum Dragon PRO, ELT
Apocrypha PRO, ELT
Kaiser Dragon (PRO Boss) PRO
Ultima Weapon (ELT Boss) ELT
Nelapa (Rare: Stage 2/6) PRO, ELT
Golden Bomb (Rare: Stage 3/6) ADV, PRO, ELT

Bonus Monsters

Nelapa – Demon
LV – 50
HP – 70,000
MP – 80
+100% Fire Resist | -50% Ice, Lightning and Holy Resist
0% to Confuse | Immune to all
Golden Bomb – Demon
LV – 50
HP – 70,000
MP – 77
0% to all
Immune to Petrify | 0% to all


Bonus Fish
  Japan Version Global Version
Nelapa 1000 1000
Golden Bomb 400 400


Event Stage


3 2 40 500 50
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest Hi-Potion
Clear without using LB Lapis x 10
No Continues Lapis x 10
Don’t Die Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Rare Summon Ticket x 1
Possible Drops
JP – Fish x 20 | GL – Fish x 20



5 3 232 2000 105
Mission Reward 
Clear Quest Tent
Clear using White Magic Lapis x 10
Kill Gigantos with Magic Lapis x 10
Don’t Die Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Fish x 200
Possible Drops
JP – Fish x 40 | GL – Fish x 40



8 3 550 5000 155
Mission  Reward 
Clear Quest Remedy
Clear using Black Magic Lapis x 10
Kill Behemoth with LB Lapis x 10
Don’t Die Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Fish x 300
Possible Drops
JP – Fish x 80 | GL – Fish x 80


10 4 970 9000 250
Mission (TBC) Reward 
Clear Quest Elixir
Clear using Lightning Damage Lapis x 10
Kill Kaiser Dragon with Esper Lapis x 10
Don’t Die Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Fish x 500
Possible Drops
JP – Fish x 120 | GL – Fish x 115



13 5 1985 19000 300
Mission  Reward
Clear Quest Lapis x 20
Party 4 members or less MAG + 15%
Kill Ultimate Weapon with LB Lapis x 10
Don’t Die Lapis x 10
First clear reward
Lapis x 500
Possible Drops
JP – Fish x 200 | GL – Fish x 200


Thrash Mobs

Platinum Dragon – Dragon
LV – 70
HP – 44,000
MP – 180
0% to all
0% to all
Ninja – Human 
LV – 70
HP – 44,000
MP – 180
– 50% Lightning Resist
Immune to Poison, Sleep, Confuse and Petrify
Belias – Demon 
LV – 70
HP – 220,000
MP – 250
0% to all
Immune to Petrify | 0% to all
Apocrypha – Demon 
LV – 70
HP – 180,000
MP – 200
0% to all
0% to all
Behemoth – Beast
LV – 70
HP – 180,000
MP – 200
0% to all
Immune to Petrify | 0% to all


Ultimate Weapon – Beast
LV – 75
HP – 550,000
MP – 400
0% to all
+90% Paralyze Resistance | Immune to all


BOSS / Behavior Pattern
Blaze 160% ST Magic Fire Damage
Flare 200% ST Magic Fire Damage + -30% Water Resistance
Full Power 180% ST Physical Damage
It’s gathering a great power! DEF/SPR + 30%
Flare Star 200% AOE Magic Fire Damage + Ignore Defense
Quake 150% AOE Magic Earth Damage + -30% wind Resistance
Mind Blast Random Status Ailment
Bio 120% AOE Magic Dark Damage + 15% chance to Poison
Graviga AOE – 75% HP
Meteor 300% AOE Magic Damage + Ignore Defense


  • Since most of the monsters are neutral to Elemental Resistance, Elemental Debuffs works well on them.
  • Petrify works on Platinum Dragon and Apocrypha (Fire Flask?).
  • Beast Killer for Boss
  • Full Break
  • Increase Fire Resistance if you have trouble fighting Ultimate Weapon.
  • You might need to equip items to prevent Status Ailments especially Petrify.

Recommended Units

The event itself is not difficult if you’re using your normal team. The difficult thing about this event is how many Bonus Units can you bring, and not compromise killing Ultimate Weapon.

If you’re bringing along a Mage team, prioritize units with Thundaga Magic.


  1. Sadly, you need to delete a few things from your list of “King Mog Rewards”… there are NO MEGACITES to purchase from King Mog this time around!

    And would it kill Gumi to include Holy Crystals to purchase??! I have plenty of sacred crystals and not a single Holy Crystal. The drop rates for fish are so low, I have no time or energy to farm Holy Crystals… ugh… so infuriating. Why can’t they make some events LESS tedious once in a while instead of MORE tedious!? I’m rank 62 and I don’t have enough energy to farm these fish… I can’t imaging starting from scratch again with like 20 energy… they MIGHT be able to farm the stinking Beret!

  2. Probably they took off the Megacites coz of the Egg Seeker event. I got my espers from 2 star level 10 to level 36, I got my Ifrit to level 40. I have 2 terra, 1 kefka, and 1 setzer and 6 * EXdeath with whale friend can get 300-400 fish on PRO. Can get 1,800 to 2,400 fish for 60 nrg. I’m aiming for 6* materials, Gigantaur, hopefully a trust moogle or 2. That’s gonna be some heavy grinding though

  3. Have not encountered a nepala or golden bomb yet and have been farming PRO… oh well, they’ll pop up eventually, I hope. Xon’s Rash Impulse is a Gods send against the Kaiser Dragon. 🙂

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