Ghost Port Kolobos

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Treasure Chest Location
1. Recipe – Fish Scale
2. Red Fang
3. Violet Magicite
4. Survival Vest (Def18 HP30)
5. Star Quartz



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Quest Name Rewards Details
1. Zombie Repellent Turbo Ether *Keep this for Ramuh quest
2. Unfinished Business Elven Bow (Atk42 Mag10) Pre-requisite – Clear Korobos Reef


1. Zombie Repellent

You can find the Resin in Kolobos Marsh – Exploration

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2. Unfinished Business

Step 1 -Talk to this woman in the Town of Felicitas.

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Step 2 – Grab the quest from spot 2 (map above) and go to the quest spot at Kobolos Reef – Exploration.

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Step 3 – Return Quest