Gilgamesh Trial

Note for Global:

Added Electrocute Skill for Global

40 1 1150 10000 1100
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 100
Kill Gilgamesh with Limit Burst 5* Trust Moogle
5 or less Party Members Attack +30%
Clear without using items Bushido – Freedom
AOE Dispel + Unmitigated damage
First clear reward
Genji Blade (Katana: ATK+107)



  • The best equipment / TM you can equip
  • Man Eater
  • Golem with Provoke
  • Safety Bit (can be purchase at fat chocobo shop from Mysidia, not available on trial launch)
  • Dodge Abilities



Gilgamesh – Human
LV – 100
HP – 1,000,000
MP – 3000
-10% Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Holy Resistance
Immune to all


Attack Pattern
Skill Effect
X Slash 160% AOE hybrid damage
X Slash 170% AOE hybrid damage (below 50%)
Tsubame Gaeshi 160% ST hybrid damage
Tsubame Gaeshi 170% ST hybrid damage (below 50%)
Barrier 70% DEF Buff Use on Turn 1
Wall 70% SPR Buff Use on Turn 1
BREAK “+300% Def/Spr Buff (After using water Skills 3 times (not turns))
Gilgamesh Transform 100% DEF and SPR Buff
Bushido – Freedom 500% AoE hybrid + ST Insta KO + AOE Dispel
At 80% 50% 30%
Muramasa 190% ST Fire hybrid + ST -50% Atk/Def + Osmose (Use at 80%)
Electrocute 50% AOE Lightning hybrid + -40% Def/SPR + 50% Chance to Paralyze (Use at 50%) Can be covered only with spells and abilities
Masamune 190% ST Water hybrid + ST -50% Mag/Spr (Use at 80%)
Whirlwind Blade 190% ST Wind hybrid + ST 100% Paralyze + ST – 50% Fire, Water, Wind, Holy Resist (Use at 80%)
Zantetsuken ST -75% HP Earth Element (Use at 80%)
Excalipher 190% hybrid Holy damage with chance to confuse (Use at 80%)
Excalibur 220% ST Holy hybrid + 100 chance to confuse (Use at 80%)
  • Gilgamesh has 6 different elemental type skills at his disposal. When Gilgamesh is damaged by any of these 6 elements (Fire, Lightning, Water, Wind, Earth, Holy), he will not use any of the abilities with the corresponding element.
  • The objective is to keep 4 out of the 6 elements, Fire, LightningWind and Holy damage up on all turns to prevent your team from getting Confuse, Paralyze or Osmosed. The key here is survival and not damage output.
  • Do note that Fire, Wind and Holy can be covered by using Weapons.
  • Lightning can only be covered with Spells or Hybrid Abilities.
  • Keep Provoke up every 3 turns and put your Tank to Def mode.
SS from
  • At 80%, 50% and 30%, Gilgamesh will use Bushido – Freedom which will 100% KO one of your units. The key here is to reduce the damage taken by the party members so that you can recover from this sticky situation fast.
  • You can reduce the damage with Def Buff and going into Defensive mode. You can also summon Golem to further mitigate the damage.
  • You can craft Safety Bits to prevent Instant KO. The item can be bought from the next Fat Chocobo shop in Mysidia.
  • Magic and SPR break works but is not important if you cover your Elements well.


The key to this fight is to cover the 4 elements (Fire, Lightning, Wind and Holy) at all times. It is best to bring along units that can cover at least 3 Elements so that they overlap each other (In case one of them dies during the Bushido phase)

My Kill party (5-man):

Cecil – Tank, Support Healer, Dispel, Provoke (Golem)
Noctis 1 (Main Attacker) – Holy (Excalibur), Fire (Chirijiraden), Lightning (Thunder Flask)
Noctis 2 (Cover Elements and Res) – Holy (Excalibur), Wind (Kazekiri), Lightning (Thunder Flask), Fire (Fire Flask)
Lightning (Cover Elements) – Fire (Vernard),  Wind (Kazekiri, Galestrike), Lightning (Sparkstrike), Good Dodge rate.
Refia – Dualcast is a must. Embolden at 80%, 50% and 30%

The main role for Noctis 2 and Lightning is mostly for covering the elements. You can replace them with any units that can cover 3 elements.

Noctis 1 is your main attacker role. Equip it with your best Items and Man-eater. This unit must also be able to cover at least 2/3 elements in case one of the other 2 dies.



  1. Between: Gilgamesh 660 ATK, CoD 520 ATK, Chizuru 540 ATK, Refia, Ling, Cecil 7500 HP & 530 DEF, Exdeath 506 MAG and Emperor 480 MAG, which ones should i use for this trial? Who will be the best partner to go with?

  2. Surely the boy for this is Rain, Dual Wielding Excalibur and Air Knife, using Lava Floor.
    Boom, 4 elements from a single unit.
    Stick Water Blade materia on a couple of units and you’re laughing?

  3. Better magic or physical party for this Trial?

    I have Dark Fina & Exdeath for magic
    Lightning & Chizuru for physical

  4. They buffed him on GL. He now gets a Thunder ability at 50% that needs to be sealed with magic or hybrid damage (not physical lightning weapons e.g. Sparky). Also, they buffed his DEF and SPR.

    • Thanks Scumi.
      Dont give us the powerful units JP had for this trial, but still buff the trial anyway.

      Go fuck yourselves.

    • Bushido only instant kill single target, if your 3 units killed it mean your unit HP is not enough to fight gilgamesh. You need at least 4000+ HP to survive, you must cast dispel to Gilgamesh immediately when he use Break or buff skill and cast focus or Golem summon before Gilgamesh Threshold at 80%, 50%, and 30%.

  5. The main thing to remember is cover all your elements and double cover at least fire, holy and lightning (the 3 attacks that can really destroy your chances of winning) just in case of disaster. Make sure you take a good tank with you (very important). This battle took me over 50 minutes because you can’t knock his HP down quickly, you have to instead concentrate on staying alive, blocking his elementals and then chip away at him a little bit at a time. By the time you get his health bar down to the very last bit you should have all of your limit breaks ready to go, so you can use them all at the same time to get your trust moogle reward as well. I managed to get all the rewards except for the Bushido Freedom but to be honest i really can’t be bothered to use another 40EXP for something i will never use.

  6. I managed to get everything in two wins (lost 3 times too…). Party was Noct, friend Noct, Rain, Cecil and Refia. The speed plus materia (from Akademia event i think?) was huge in this fight. Rain just lava floor all day with an air knife and water blade materia. Excal/wind spear Noctis and friend Noctis with Excal/fire katana. 2x HP 15% on Rain with a dodge so he can actually take a hit. Refia with camouflage, HP 15%, speed plus. Cecil with gigantaxe, speed plus, hp 15%, 2x guardian authority and 2x monarch rings. His HP was 6200 with over 500 def. I queued up 2 water attacks before 80% hp then saved the final for when i really needed 2 turns to heal or revive. Elements and healing first. Cecil limit whenever you can (my limit is level 13, the defense it gives is insane). Slowly had the Nocti beat him to death. Took probably 45 min each time to kill him. No items was rough, I managed with team above plus Dark Fina (with mostly HP and MP plus, she gives earth, wind, lightning, stone, fire rod for fira). Keep Cover from Noctis up as much as possible. Also if one Noctis doesn’t need to attack for elemental coverage his jump is a great source of MP.

  7. Does ribbon protect against instant KO? I have ribbons on refia and Cecil, wondering if they’ll do the trick against bushido attack…

  8. Making sure provoke is up on your tank at the three thresholds is really important if you don’t want one of your major sealers killed instead. I thought ling would pull me through on mp but you just burn through so much I should’ve brought a bartz. Osmose did nothing. Also, you can seal lightning with a weapon IF using a hybrid attack like water blade. I had my lightning dw thunder and fire spears attacking with water blade materia. Rain was major sealer with survival edge and rune blade coupled with lava flow. Had to run a second time for the 5 man. Dual cast on your healer is almost a must unless you bring 2. Anyone able to do it with no tms? Or with a magic party? Curious bc my second game has no dc and mostly good mages and Chiz.

    • try to bring cecil and snow together 🙂 and you dont need to use provoke because snow already have draw attack (passive) chance 50% being targeted. just give him sonic knuckles or kaiser knuckles (both are wind elemen), so snow can cover at least 2 elemens (wind and water). And i dont know why, when gilgamesh use bushido, it always instant kill to snow (mostly it targeted to snow). I think snow have a good role in this trial 🙂

  9. Yay! I did it with 5-man team after 5 attempts. I am F2P. The only TM i have is ring of lucii. No duelcast. No duel wield. My team is as follows.
    1) Rain: rune blade + lava. And ring of lucii to evade and recover MP.
    2) Cecil: hp 7.5k, with black belt and survival edge
    3) Noctis: wind spear. Use revive and elixer for team. Thunderflask if required
    4) Santa rosalia : 4.5k hp. Just heal.
    5) Friend Noctis: attacker and has at least 750 atk.

    My nub team can pull through. F2P players. You can do it too !!

    • Santa Rosalia. I didn’t even really consider her as a healer for this one. Great idea though! Gives you extra heals just by getting hit if I remember right? I really haven’t used her. Maybe that should change.

    • tbh i had the same problem with Lightning using Thunder Blitz, they aren’t Hybrid or magical, they’re both physical

      you need someone to do Hybrid dmg or magical
      So either Thundaga
      or getting Thunder Blade from the Magi Nation Mysidia if you also want to pull off your dual wield

  10. So I have 2 Cupid Luna maxed 5 stars and 5 Setzers (two maxed 6 stars, other three are still 4 stars.

    Can I finish this trial with those units?


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