Great Daemon


Disclaimer: Guide based on the Japan Build of the game. I will edit accordingly once our global version is released!

NOTE: Some of the boss fights are buffed for the Global server. Please take note of the slight differences.

Boss Appearance:

Stage Boss HP MP
1 Metal Gigantuar 2,100 800
Bomb Lv99 x3 30,000 400
Balloon Lv99x3 30,000 400
Io Lv99 230,000 600
Searcher Lv99 60,000 300
Architeuth Lv99 90,000 600
Tentacles Lv99×3 45,000 400
5 Great Daemon 280,000 1,000




This is going to be the very long trial with 5 different bosses to beat. You’ll need to stock up on lots of items before heading into the fight.

Fixed damage items – Metal Gigantuar has a very high Defensive stats which is almost impenetrable. Use items that deals fixed damage to effectively take it down.

Pinwheel, Frag Grenade, Void Vessel Special Throw item that can deal 2000 Damage to Boss
Bomb Fragment, Zeus’s Wrath, Fish Scale, Giant Feather, Earth Drum Able to deal 200 fixed damage to boss. Purchase at Grandport, Village of Kol, Ordol Port

MP Recovery – You need this regardless whether you’re bringing a Phy/Mag Team

Silver Armlet, Cat’s Bell Accessories that increases Max MP
Ether, Turbo-Ether MP Recovery Pots


Other Items – Phoenix Down


Spells and Abilities

Basic 3 Elemental Spells – As different bosses are weak against different element, you’ll need to bring along mages with the basic 3 elemental ga-based spells to counter the different weaknesses.

  • Firaga, Blizzaga and Thundaga

Healing – You’ll want to equip Cura spells on as many of your party member as possible just in case something bad happens.

  • Cura and Curaja 

BreakersFull Break is definitely a must to mitigate damage done by all the bosses. Focus helps to mitigate the Magic damage done by some of these bosses.

  • Full break and Focus

Other Spells and Abilities

  • Barthundara – Mitigate damage done by Io
  • Barfira – If you’re planning to take down the bombs 1 by 1.
  • Dual Cast
  • Spells that can Blind the bosses to reduce chance of getting hit by Physical damage (ie. Blind, Trine, Flash)
  • Raise


The Fight

Boss 1 – Metal Gigantuar Lv99


Edit: Boss Global HP – 2100

Although Metal Gigantuar has a very low HP pool, it has very high defensive (physical and magic) stats. The most effective way to kill it, is to use fixed damage items. Throw items such as PinwheelFrag Grenade or Void Vessel (From Demon Unleashed Event) will bring it down to 100 HP. You can use other fixed damage items to do 200 fixed damage to him and kill it off.

Alternative method is to chain high damage skill such as Lightning’s Crushing blow, Delita’s Northswain’s Strike. Also.. the Kitchen Knife.

Note: It will cast 10,000 Needles if you use items or abilities. To avoid this, either kill it within a turn, or Paralyze/Sleep it to gain an extra turn

Boss 2 Bombs Lv99 and Balloons Lv99


Bombs will self-destruct when HP is less than half. If you are bringing a Mage team, just cast Blizzaga and wipe them all out. Dual Cast is useful here if your damage is slightly low.

Alternatively, you can focus and kill the bombs one by one. However, you’ll need to cast Barfira to mitigate the Fire damage.

Boss 3 – Io Lv99 and Searcher Lv99


  • Full Break on Io to mitigate it’s damage.
  • Cast Barthundara to mitigate his thunder spells.
  • Blind/Paralyze Io to make your life easier.
  • Quickly take down Searcher first (within 2 turns)
  • Use your Thunder-based spells.

Boss 4 – Architeuth Lv99 and his Tentacles

greatdaemon_6The physical damage from it’s tentacles are very high especially if he decides to focus target on you of your units.

  • Quickly take them down with Firaga or Thundaga.
  • Since it’s tentacles has only 45,000 HP, you can easily take them down in 1 turn by chaining your spells.
  • Cast Cheer to mitigate the damage from Physical Attacks.

Note: Top up your MP here before heading to the next fight.

Boss 5 – Great Daemon


Actions Per Turn 3-4
Fira AOE Fire Damage
Thundara AOE Thunder Damage
Blizzara AOE Ice Damage
Graviga Reduce Party HP by 3/4
Dark Wave Clear all debuffs on itself
Charge up for a stronger Fira, Thundara or Blizzara
Firaga More powerful AOE Fire Damage
Thundaga More Powerful AOE Thunder Damage
Blizzaga More Powerful AOE Ice Damage


  • Boss will cast Graviga when HP is at 70%, 50% and 30%.
  • Keep Full Break (or any other debuffs) up at all times. Boss will dispel debuffs every turn and use only Normal Attacks (or Graviga if HP threshold is met). This is the most effective way to prevent it from casting other Spells. 
  • Keep Cheer or Protectga up at all times.
  • Blind Great Daemon to make your life easier.
  • Defend or cast Focus if it is charging up it’s next spell.


Recommended Party

The recommended party setup for this fight based on most Japanese Wiki are Magic heavy teams. However, due to the difference in timeline for our global built, we do have a wider pool of units to choose from.

Hybrid Party 1 – 1 Breaker, 2 Barrage, 1 Mage, 1 Healer, Mage Friend
Hybrid Party 2 – 1 Breaker. 2 Mage, 1 Barrage, 1 Healer, Barrage Friend

Magic Party – 1 Breaker, 2 Mage, 1 Support, 1 Healer, Mage Friend

Breaker – WoL, Vaan
Physical Attackers – Lightning, Delita, DKCecil, Chizuru, COD, Firion, Leo, Bartz
Magic Attackers – Tella, Terra, Exdeath, Kefka (Preferably someone with Raise)
Support – Celes, Ludmille, Krile, Gilbert
Healer – Lenna, Fina, Garnet, Roselia



Players will be rewarded with a Wizard Rod for clearing Great Daemon for the first time.

Stats: ATK +18, MAG +72