Great Nian Beast Attack

Every year, people in the town of Lunar hold a spring celebration to thank the god of spring with delicious food and festive dancing to be enjoyed by all.

However, the greedy nian beast and its friends are attracted to the fragrant smell of the food. They attack the town and attempt to grab all the food for themselves, ruining the celebration. It’s time for Rain and his friends to defeat the monsters and save the town of Lunar before their spring is devastated.

This is a Global Exclusive Event

Featured Rewards:

Dungeon First Clear Reward
PRO Beast Cestus (Fist; ATK+51, SPR+10)
ELT Tamer’s Whip (Whip; ATK+65, Beast Killer)
ELT Trust Moogle 4*


Great Nian Beast Attack! – ADV

10 1 450 4000 155
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 30
Use 1 or more LB Elixir x 3
Don’t Die Star Quartz x 5
5 or less party members Jeweled Ring
Great Nian – Beast
LV – 80
HP – 220,000 
MP – 320
Immune to all


Great Nian Beast Attack! – PRO

15 1 485 4000 305
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 50
Defeat Nian with LB Beast Cestus
5 or less party members Lapis x 100
Evoke an Esper Metal Gigantuar x 5


Great Nian – Beast
LV – 90
HP – 648,000 
MP – 400
Immune to all


Great Nian Beast Attack! – ELT

20 1 4200 420
Mission Rewards
Clear Quest Lapis x 100
Defeat Nian with Item Trust Moogle 4*
Defeat Nian with Esper Tamer’s Whip
Defeat Nian with LB Rare Summon Ticket x 1


Great Nian – Beast
LV – 99
HP – 1,400,000 
MP – 500
Immune to all


  • Make use of Beast-Killer Ability
  • Cast Focus, Barfira and Barthundara to reduce Nian’s damage
  • Although breaks are useful, the chance of it resisting those breaks increase as you challenge the higher difficulty levels
  • Prepare items to cure Paralysis (Jeweled Ring, Unicorn Horn)
  • Dispel when it uses “Preparation
  • It will randomly cast a meteor skill, make sure you are top up and go Defensive Mode (it will use the “Preparation” skill before meteor)

Who to Bring?

You’ll want to bring a Melee team in this fight to quickly charge up your Limit Burst and Esper. The boss itself is not difficult. The only problem is charging up your Esper and LB to complete the missions.

Tank – Cecil or WoL
Cecil for Focus while WoL for Full-Break

Healer – Refia or Luka.
Make sure to add Barfira and Barthundara on your Carbuncle and equip it on your healer. It’ll be great if you can equip Dual Cast on your healer to put on this 2 buffs on Turn 1.

Attackers – Your Best Physical Attackers, preferably with Dual Wield



  1. Here we go:

    Team – Paladin Cecil, Luneth, Lightning, Refia, Rain – All Level 100 6*
    Companion – Nocits (duh)

    ***This fight really comes down to buff/debuff and health management. I don’t have Dualcast, so Cecil had Barthundara equipped. Start by casting it and Barfira (courtesy of Carbuncle). Use Rain’s Leadership skill, followed by all the hard hitting attacks (Cut Through, Crushing Blow, Fire Flask). Even though Great Nian gets five attacks, the damage should be pretty minimal.

    Round 2: Heal, Rain’s Undermine, hard hitting attacks
    Round 3: Heal, hard hitting attacks, have Rain and/or Cecil restore MP/remove paralysis
    Round 4: This is the round where Great Nian uses Preparation. Put up Barthundara and Barfira, Leadership, then attack
    Round 5: Prior to Tooth for a Tooth (Meteor), defend with your big attackers, heal with Refia, and Undermine with Rain. Defend with Cecil. You do not need to Dispel the Preparation buffs. Undermine gets all of Nian’s magic attacks down to manageable levels, so with all of the buffs, you should come out of it all right. Cecil and Refia can always heal back up next turn.

    Lather, rinse, repeat. And don’t be afraid to spend a round restoring MP, setting up buffs, and getting rid of paralysis. If you’re lucky, Roar will go ignored by your team.

    ***Keep in mind Great Nian does have a multi party hitting scratch attack that can ruin this fight, since it deals massive damage. ESPECIALLY if it happens after Meteor. If party members start to fall, it is almost impossible to revive and recover buffs in a way that won’t screw you over. This ended a few of my attempts.

    ***Cecil and Rain also make for good chip damage dealers. A HUGE factor when going for that esper kill. My Ifrit managed a little over 2000 damage a use, which meant a lot of defending, rough math, and a little luck.

    All in all, this was a great battle banner and certainly one that pushed all party management to the next level. 6* Rain got his moment to shine, too! Dualcast would be useful, but completely doable without. Be patient and smart about your moves and you’ll get a full complete on this.

  2. I think the best way to avoid tooth for a tooth plus with meteor is defend during preparation (noctis can jump heal mp).the fight much easier that way imo

  3. “..A HUGE factor when going for that esper kill. My Ifrit managed a little over 2000 damage a use, which meant a lot of defending, rough math, and a little luck…”

    There is a much easier way to that, simply kill the beast in the same round when using other attack and it will count. Save the trouble of multiple defending, math, etc.

    For example, use noc lb, exD magic or whatever, etc, and last one simply click whoever gonna trigger the esper.

  4. won’t let me claim my rewards. My rewards for this event siting to be claimed, i try to claim them and it won’t claim them

  5. Here are some key tips for the Great Nian Beast Attack in ELT mode. Make sure to utilize the Beast-Killer Ability, cast defensive buffs, and be prepared with items for curing Paralysis. Keep an eye out for the boss’s “Preparation” move and focus on charging up your Limit Burst and Esper. Assemble a team with a solid tank like Cecil or WoL, a reliable healer like Refia or Luka, and your best physical attackers. Good luck with the battle! If you’re looking for quality Botox products, you can order Botox 100 units from DK Dermal.


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