Halloween Night of The Pumpkin

As dark clouds gather in the sky, candles are lit and pumpkins are carved… The long awaited Halloween season is here.

Rain and his gang will need to start farming Candy Corns from Pumpking Reaper and his crew to feed our ever growing King Mog.

Mog King Rewards

Item Candy Corns Limit
Hi-Potion 5 10
Ether 5 10
Tent 5 10
X-Potion 20 10
Turbo Ether 20 10
Remedy 30 10
Metal Gigantuar 100 100
Elixir 100 10
Phoenix Down 200 10
Divine Water 20
Screamroot 150 10
Fine Alcryst 150 10
Holy Crystal 100 10
Sacred Crystal 100 10
Hard Rock 100 10
Fury Seed 100 10
Wicked Drop 100 10
Brilliant Ray 100 10
Lucky Seedling 100 10
Bizarre Box 100 10
Fairies’ Writ
160 20
Rainbow Bloom
160 20
Calamity Gem
160 20
Prismatic Horn
160 20
Calamity Writ
160 20
Divine Crystal
160 20
Star Quartz
300 4
600 3
900 3
Rare Summon Ticket
500 2
1,000 3
3,000 2
6,000 3
Kitchen Knife (Atk +52 Stab: Unmitigated damage to one enemy) 8,000 1
Candy Basket (MAG +15%, SPR +15% Treat: Restore HP for one Ally) 18,000 1
Creepy Mask (Def +15, MP +15, Mag +30, Boo!: Damage and paralyze all enemies) 27,000 1
Chilling Aura (HP&MP +13%) Exclusive to Halloween Units 5,000
Spooky Aura (ATK&MAG +13%) Exclusive to Halloween Units 23,000
Mini Burst Pot 1,500 30
Trust Moogle
30,000 1
70,000 1


Castle of the Dead


Energy Battles Rank Exp Candy Corns First Clear Reward
BGN 5 5 105 40 – 60 Survival’s Flask x3
INT 13 10 250 250 – 400 Survival’s Flask x4
ADV 18 15 365 700 – 1300 Survival’s Flask x5


The best way to clear the stages above is to bring along a team of Mages and have them cast Fira.

Why Fira? 

As there are 15 battles in ADV mode, you will want to conserve your MP so that it’s enough to last through all 15 battles (you need enough MP to cast Fire spells for 12 battles and Raise for 3 battles).

Bring along 1 unit that can cast Raise to OHKO the Bosses.

Recommended  Team:

6 Mages with at least Fira. One of them to should be a Terra or Tellah with the Raise spell.

ADV Bosses:


The Pumpkin Rider Strikes


Energy Battles Rank Exp Candy Corns First Clear Reward
BGN 5 1 105 150 Candy Corn x 200
INT 13 1 250 520 Candy Corn x 400
ADV 18 1 365 1500 – 1550 Candy Corn x 600
Lapis x 100
Pro 1 TBC Next Week


You will unlock this mode by completing Castle of the Dead. There is only 1 Boss fight (Pumpkin Rider) in each difficulty level. Note: Pumpkin Rider is IMMUNE to Raise. 

Since this is only an ADV fight, most of you should not have any problems farming Pumpkin Rider on this difficulty. If you are having problems killing the boss, you can do ADV Castle of the Dead instead.

ADV Stage:


Attack Pattern:
1. Pumpkin Rider can cast Death Declaration (Doom in 3 turns) on 3 random party members.
2. Fear Strike has a chance to Paralyze your units.

– If you are using a Powerful Lightning Friend team, just take down the boss quickly before the effect kicks in.
– If you’re lacking firepower to kill the boss within 3 turns, you can use Survivor’s Flask (event item) to delay your death for another 3 turns.

Pro Stage:


Not sure why they have 2 versions of him so good luck if you get the easier one…. However, Pro version is just slightly more buffed.. In fact, I find that it’s easier than ADV.

Attack Pattern:

Turn 1 – Pumpkin Reaper can cast Death Declaration (Doom in 3 turns) on ALL party Members.

  • Pumpkin Reaper will cast Reap Blood (AOE HP Leech) at below 50% and 30%
  • Attacks
  • MP Leech

If you can kill ADV in 3 turns, you’ll have no problems taking down PRO in 4 turns.

Recommended Party

Mage Party – 1 Support with Focus and 5 Mages with Firaga or 6 Firga Mages.
Powerful Lightning Friend Party – 
Healer (with Cheer), any 4 other units, Powerful Lightning Friend (500+ ATK)


  1. For those that almost kill Pumpking Rider in 3 turns but fail, since breaks are resisted, your cheer user can cast imperil on his 2nd turn to increase the damage of a chizuru/Bartz with chirijaden, lightning friend, or other elemental wpns/skills you may be using

  2. share :
    my team ADV Pumpkin Rider event :
    Tellah *5 / Firaga / mag 250
    Tellah *5 / Firaga / mag 310
    Kefka *5 / Hyper Drive / mag 330
    Lightning *6 / chirijiraden+enhancer / Crushing blow
    Ramza *6 / Hero Rime only
    Friend Kefka mag 320 / Hyper Drive
    take 2 turn to kill it ^^

  3. Wow! I’ts actually possible to get everything if you spend all 288 energy/day for 14 days farming candy corns. Plus, this is a great time to save lapis for the next banner! I love this event!

  4. oh good! was getting very frustrated failing to clear ELT of Babel after many attempts & was at the verge of ditching the game, guess this one is worth the grind 🙂

    • Yeah im having a tough time with Babel too. hopefully we can get our units pumped with this pumpkin event and beat babel before it ends.

  5. lightning areablast will kill everything but the bosses pretty much every round so use that and just atk with the rest and you will manage to get through most of the battles. When she runs out of MP then you can start using Fira or whatever you want to finish the rest of them.
    I tried using Raise on the pumpkin head and it didnt kill him one shot so I guess it only works for the other bosses.

  6. I honestly love this game, and I’ve been playing it non stop since release. I can’t compete, it takes way to much time to grind everything all the time for every event.

    It’s discouraging, I’m glad the content is tough for those that can handle, but I gotta uninstall, sorry FFBE 🙁

  7. With the items that said exclusive to halloween units you mean, You can only equip it to them? Similar with the auracite abilities? The second wind and the other skill? Like, you cannot equip them to anyone else =_=? I need some clarification on these please. Thank you

  8. The pumpkin boss can’t be killed by rez because it’s not undead, it’s a demon plantoid as the analysis shows. Saying it’s immune implies it should die to rez but doesn’t, but that’s a misnomer. The comments seem to show a lot of confusion on what bosses rez works on. You can also use cure spells on undead to hurt them

  9. You do not actually need 500+ ATK Lightning friend.. 400+ ATK is enough to finish the Pumpkin Boss. But of course, with the help of your other units with barrage+chirijiraden/excalibur, emperil, cheer, focus, hyperdrive.

  10. I just fought Pumpkin Rider for the 7th time, fire weapons or fire abilities/spells, and not one weakness proc’d, not even with imperil. Bug?

  11. Pretty easy. Two lightning units one support for cheer. A barrage unit a mage and kain. Can kill before the 3 turns. Guess I got lucky my only 5 star unit I ever pulled was lightning

  12. any one pull *3 Black Cat Lid ??? , i try using her on ADV pumpkin rider, upgrade to *5 with ultimate blow , dmg quite powerful 2,5x ignore 35% def , similiar to barrage dmg but more dmg than barrage (3,2x) total dmg without dual wield or any tm’s , i use lunar pestle from event autumn , due her lack of weapon selection maybe further update will have more good weapon for her

    • add info share : ADV pumpkin
      non Tm’s unit or any lightning only :
      Black cat Lid *5 / ultimate blow with Lunar Pestle
      Black cat Lid *5 / Ultimate Blow / Giant Axe
      Tellah *5 / Firaga
      kefka *5 / with Lilith Rod / Hyper Drive
      Kefka *5 / Fire Rod / Hyper Drive
      friend kefka *5 / hyper drive
      takes 4-5 turn clear out ADV, at least 1 *5 BC Lid still alive , ulti blow again , if both of them got death count down, use survivor flask to 1 of them before both of them down

    • I use black cat for ficus then just use her to hit 800-1000 w her other stuff….been trying different units, need to change out cod due to his 600-800 barrage hits, think I can do better.farm int mainly but hit adv when there r lightning w 400 atk.
      Wol max fullbreak
      Black cat focus
      Kefka hyper drive
      Cod protect/barrage/lightening
      Lightening crush spell45mp

      Delita or lightning friend

      Internet goes down in 2 rds
      Adv usually takes 3-4 w 2 Lightening or I struggle to kill boss be4 he kills me if no Lightening friend

  13. Hey guys, For ADV Pumpkin, What if i dont have the unit you guys included.
    I’d only have Rain, Cecil, Roselia,Duane, Lightining(friend) , Exdeath

    Can i do it with these guys?
    help needed

    • i think u need unit can learn raise spell , if u don’t have one try summon white witch fina / garnet / terra / tellah
      coz on ADV u need max 4-5 turn before any of your party down by count death, but u can prolong by bring out unit with raise spell , but i prefer short turn like 2-4 max turn

      • add info :
        add my id lightning 450 atk
        if capacity full just wait i ‘ll add some slot friend again
        hope can help u a little ^^

  14. I actually won advance with no lightning in less than 3 turns.
    Main Team:
    Chizuru 5*(315 ATK)
    Lenna 5* (Cheer)
    Bartz 5* (Mediocre barrage and imperil for more fire damage)
    Cecil 6* (Just here to add some damage to kefka with focus)
    Kefka 5* (360 MAG)

    Chizuru 5* (with fire katana)

  15. I just started this game and currently only at rank 16. I’m trying to clear the INT mode for Castle of the Dead but my units can’t seem to tank it.

    3* Laswell
    3* Rain
    3* Cecil
    3* Red Mage
    4* Black Cat Lid

    Any suggestions? Trying to farm up more candies in INT instead of BGN.

    • Awaken your units. Spend candy on mats and cactuars to do it quickly so you have time to still farm.

      After youre stronger, Prioritize getting the 6* mats for your cecil, and equipment pieces.

      • Thank you for your advice! Besides that, I also have Galuf, Krile and Maria. Should I change up my team composition ?

        What equipment pieces should I get from the event ?

  16. Guys, good morning to all (Brazil here)
    1° Anyone have see the “Kid Pumpking” in the final boss for the Advanced 15 stages? His apearance was aleatory like final boss. I dont see him in the Boss tutorial, and i dont know that he drops somenting good (or have someting special, maybe for stealing)..

    2° my team for advanced rider – kill in 03 turns with any friend good mage 300 (with a ligtining 400+, 02 turn burns the rider)

    – Lightining (470)
    – Exdead (310)
    – Kefka (390)
    – Tellah (280)
    – Cecil (420 def + focus + defensive habilities)
    – Friend mage or Lightining (if i get another kefka for friend, i use the hyperdrive chain)

    1 wave: Focus + Chain Firaga + Crush Blow;
    (dead in 3 turns here)
    2 wave: cecil normal atack and repeat;
    (dead in 2 turns here)
    3 wave: cecil normal atack or curaja (the riper will wave 30% life, and the paralise is not a problem here in this team, at this time of the batle);
    (dead in 1 turn)
    4 wave: If the riper is alive, his life will be really poor, and any character that is no paralised will finish hin.

  17. My team for Pumpkin Rider Adv:

    5* Lenna
    5* Vaan
    4* Laswell (w. Chirijiraden)
    5* ExDeath
    5* Kefka
    6* Friend Lightning

    First round: Lenna – Cheer, Vaan – Focus, Exdeath – Imperil, Laswell – attack, Kefka – Hyperdrive, Lightning – Crushing Blow
    Second round: Vaan – Full Break, Laswell – attack, Lenna – Banish, ExDeath – Firaga, Kefka – Hyperdrive, Lightning – Crushing Blow
    Third round – Repeat

    Usually gets the job done, although depending on how well the breaks stick, I sometimes need to smack him one more time, or use Lenna to mop up paralysis if I’m unlucky. Maybe a quick curaja if he over-targets one of my big hitters.

  18. I’m just pissed off that my game has been down for the last day. I’m just re-downloading the data now, but I’ve lost so much time. 🙁

  19. at last, i can beat ADV pumpkin only 1 turn 100% :
    share my squad :
    lightning / crush blow / 450 atk
    ramza / hero rime ( sing spell = cheer+focus, chanelling 3 turn)
    black cat lid / ultimate blow
    kefka / hyper drive
    kefka / hyper drive
    friend lightning / crush blow atk 430
    just make chain combo, crush blow from both lightning then ultimate blow and hyper drive combo then u get about 7 chain 6 chain 7 chain 5 chain combo , 1 turn beat the bos , i tried it for 3-4 times/day same routine

  20. I cant seem to make it past the ADV Pumpkin Rider.

    4* Leo
    5* Agrias
    4* Amarant
    5* Tellah
    4* Terra

    My fire damage dont seem to make any significant dmg against him. By the time 3 turns come, 2 of my units are dead. Any suggestion please?

  21. Beat PRO Pumpkin Rider : 1st clear spear Death Scythe , 2150/2250 candy
    *use non-elemental atk/weapon or holy elemental only
    ** always Bring Survivor Flask on your item as many you can get
    share my squad :
    Black Cat Lid / Lunar Pestle Ultimate Blow
    Black Cat Lid / Giant Axe / Sirius Gun or better / Ultimate Blow
    Kefka (recommended) / Hyper Drive mag 350
    Kefka / Hyper Drive mag 370
    Lenna / any ROD at least mag 200+
    friend Kefka / Hyper Drive mag 360
    1st turn : cheer , focus(any Lid), de shell (any with it, i use one of bc lid here to do this job) , Hyper Drive
    2nd Turn : Banish , ultimate Blow , ultimate blow , all kefka Hyper Drive
    3rd turn : Curaja (Lenna) , repeat 2nd*
    4th Turn : use all of them survivor flask
    5th turn : curaja, deshel (BC Lid) , Ultimate Blow, Hyper Drive ( all Kefka )
    6th turn , repeat 2nd turn seq* , finish
    if you have 2 Lighning *6 choose weapon with non elemental
    just using crushing blow you’ll finish it 2-3 turn

    • add info :
      I forgot something , if any unit got paralysis, i use Lid(one of them with ribbon) to cure them using item Unicorn Horn or use de shell skill from esper ability
      but from here , i’ve lucky coz non from my squad got paralysis , n Lenna must equip with jewel ring

  22. Hy Friends, my team and strategy for new Advanced Pumpink Rider:

    – Lightining (460 atk ; Crushing Blow)
    – Cecil (Focus + Stab ability)
    – Leena (Cheers + healing abilityes)
    – WOL (Full break works 50%, but if you want, put another good mage for chain magic)
    – Kefka (400 mg ; Hyperdrive)
    – Lighting Friend (kill in the 3º round, if you dont have, take a good barrage or another good Kefka for chain hyperdrive)

    1° Round
    Leena = Cheers ; Cecil = Focus ; WOL = Fullbreak ; Lightinig = Crushing Blow ; Kefka = Hyperdrive ; FRIEND (Lightinig = Crushing Blow or Kefka = Hyperdrive)
    (Dead in 3 turns)

    2° Round
    Leena = Banish ; Cecil = Stab ; WOL = Fullbreak (or another ability) ; Lightinig = Crushing Blow ; Kefka = Hyperdrive ; FRIEND (Lightinig = Crushing Blow or Kefka = Hyperdrive)
    (blod ability, and another hits + Dead in 02 turns)

    3° Round
    Leena = Curaja ; Cecil = (Soul flask in lightinig) ; WOL = Fullbreak (Soul flask in the friend lighting, if is necessary, or another strong player) ; Lightinig = Crushing Blow ; Kefka = Hyperdrive ; FRIEND (Lightinig = Crushing Blow or Kefka = Hyperdrive)
    (blod ability, and another hits + Dead in 01 turns)

    4º Round
    With this team, will be very dificult to the Rider stay alive at this period, but, if he is alive, anyone can destroy him right now.. In the worst word, repeat the 02º round and enjoy your 2010 candy corn.

    Obs: Remember to use the soul flask for gain another 03 rounds of life for thouse that is strong enough to kill Rider in the last round, i think thats is the way to guarantee the victory. His damage with Cheers and Focus in not so strong, but the time for dead is really anoing for the players that have lack of firepower.. Good luck!

  23. Any thoughts for a team that DOESN’T have a Lightning, Exdeath, or Kefka? All my best units seem to be sub-par. I breezed through ADV with a Mage team, but the magic chains just can’t break through that resist, even when I bring a Kefka or Lightning friend. I don’t have any TM, and my Espers are all 1-star except Ifrit. Please assist =)

    Teams I’ve tried are:
    Mage chaining-
    Tellah (371 Mag, using Raise & Firaga)
    Cecil (no provoke, using Focus & Curaja)
    Kuja (Chaining Fira thanks to Ifrit)
    Terra (298 Mag, using Firaga, Raise)
    Lenna (Curaja, Cheer, Survivor’s Flask)

    Physical Team:
    Tellah (don’t have another physical attacker, still keep for Raise)
    Cloud of Death (288 ATK, Barrage does ~1k per hit with Cheer)
    Artemios (202 Atk, barrage makes me sad with ~550 dmg per hit with Cheer)

    Friends I’ve tried unsuccessfully:
    Fencer with 467 Atk, Dual-Wield & Barrage, does ~1k damage 16 times per round
    Lightning (438 Atk, Crushing Blow does 4k per round I think, but the attacks are fast so tough to track)
    Kefka (409 Mag, tried Imperil before elemental chains with my mage team, or Hyperdrive for about 2500 dmg)

    No matter which method I try, I can’t get him past 30% before MP becomes a problem, or he lands Death or 1-shots someone.

    Units on my bench: Fencer, Agrias 4*, Rain, Lass, Fina, Celes, Charlotte, Rosa 4*, Kain 3*

      • Arithayl, you are right, maybe you can post here all you max units and i will help in the best way that i can (testing similars, and warning you with a strategy that works with your units). Its complicated without the same units, but is not impossible. I ask all the max unities, becouse maybe you are wrong using Kuja and Terra, this boss have strongness to FIRE (at last 20% describe in the tutorial), think in using habilities that no have a element, and if you die for the AOE DEAD of the Riper, use the Soul flask in the second round, the rider will use the DEAD but dont cause damage in your unities..

      • Arithayl , from your list unit , that i’ve tried :
        kefka , cecil , lenna , cod , artemios , friend kefka / lightning
        here maybe a little help :
        1.don’t ever used imperiil if you’re not using holy elemental atk/spell/weapon
        2.use Deshell instead because kefka’s Hyper Drive is normal type spell not effect any elemental
        3. put Artemios on ifrit ( must learn Raging 1,2x ignore fer 20% more helpfull than using barrage )
        4. i use cecil as healer and tanker , instead Lenna only used Cheer than prefer using banish , so i put Lenna more using mag atrrib than spr attrib coz she can use rod type weapon
        5.more helpfull u change artemios with locke with enhancer weapon ang mag attrib equip using his mirage dive 1,8x ignore spr 20%
        6.cod role as support , atk when everything’s fine than atk using barrage
        7. when using lightning as friend to chain it crushing blow u must use slow skill start first than using lightning crushing blow , eg : cod barrage , kefka hyper drive , lenna banish , than lightning crushing blow that’s seq to make chain combo
        8. don’t forget to bring alot survivor flask about 2/unit share or more , and unicorn horn , phoenix down , turbo ether , x-potion , ether
        good luck maybe this helpfull ^^ ,
        my id : 796 766 351 , when reach friend capacity max wait i ‘ll add some more slot , then add again ^^

    • Actually there is a very solid method for being ALL of these Night of the Pumpkin things:

      Go to Jvalz post’s:


      Basically let everyone that gets hit by the count down die, unless it’s a character with Revive – use the survival flasks’ on that character. Then Revive any one who’s down:

      But, here’s the kicker – don’t bring the pumpkin rider below 60% health, he gets means below that –
      – heal up first-
      and than go to town on the pumpkin rider.

      For ADV I used Terra, Cecil, Argias, Bartz, Charlotte – and I take a 350+ attack friend or Kefka
      – Put cura on a few guys
      – stock up on golden needles/flask

      For Pro – I replaced Charlotte with Tellah for 2 guys with Revive – it was a longer fight, but the same prinicple worked

  24. COD Armorbreak>barrage
    Bartz barrage(always)
    Lighting crushing blow(alway)
    WWFina (cheer>flask>Heal>AtkM)
    Cecil (focusAtk)
    Exdeath (imperil>barstonra>flask>ATKM)
    Atk Def lvl
    Lighting 474 226 100
    Bartz 272 267 80
    COD 245 173 80
    Cecil 263 396 100
    Def Mp. Hp lvl80
    WWFina 149 300 2800(needed)

    I mostly only atk with lighting bartz and COD. I use other three as support heals flasking/ turbo ether. Last two turn attack with all units.
    I use only 6 survivor flask and kill boss.
    Combo are extremely important to raise damage ya do.
    I kill pumpkin reaper every time with this.

  25. How is this a “demon plantoid” when neither Demon Killer nor Plant Killer work on this boss? My non-elemental attackers with these abilities do normal damage. Is this an issue with the game, or is this the way it’s supposed to be? Why even classify this as anything if killer moves do not apply?

      • In battle I tested a regular attack with two of my party members, one with demon killer and one with plant killer. Neither weakness registered (neither characters is equipped with any elemental weapons to reduce the multiplier).

  26. My team is set up like this for Pumpkin Rider ADV:
    Kefka @ 385 Mag
    Kefka @ 305 Mag
    Cecil @ 5300 HP and Provoke
    Tellah @ 250 Mag (Or Rydia just for lvl up)
    Lenna @ 240 Spr
    Lightning friend @ 400+ attack

    1st round: Cast Focus and Cheer, 2x Hyperdrive, Crushing Blow, and Thundaga
    2nd round: Cast Provoke, Banish, 2x Hyperdrive, Crushing Blow, and Thundaga
    3rd round: Attack, Banish, 2x Hyperdrive, Thundaga, and Crushing Blow.

    The death counter usually doesn’t go below 2 for me.

    Is Pumpkin Rider ADV better to farm than Pumpking Reaper? I already got the Death Scythe from the Pumpking, but it takes a lot longer to kill him, so farming him is a pain.


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