Here comes the best Healer 2017


The one Healer to heal them all!

Summon Banner 

Ayaka and her team of trolls will be here for pull and to be honest, you should only be aiming for Rainbow this banner.

There’s a indepth analysis of Ayaka by DefiantHermit on reddit, but to cut the long story short, Ayaka is basically 2 times the beast of Tilith.

The problem with Tilith is that her skills are considered “Abilites” which means you are unable to dual cast any of them. Often you are stuck in a situation with only 1 action (you either heal or you resurrect). Furthermore, you cannot equip weapons on Tilith.

With her innate Dual White Magic casting, Ayaka can perform more actions in a single turn than Tilith. Her kit is also slightly better and the ability to equip a staff is always good against high MAG bosses.

I strongly encourage you guys to “unload” for her!


The Ayaka story event will be slightly different from previous story events. It will not purely be Story Mode and there will be an exchange tokens mechanic.

For more information on the Event, do remember to check out the guide here.



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