July Week 4 Update – Final Fantasy Tactics Event, New Awakened Warriors



Finally… this should be the last Final Fantasy Tactics event since we’ll be facing the final boss!

Before we start with the events, maintenance will happen on Thursday as usual. It’s slated for 6 hours.

1. Event – In the Name of Love


This is a King Mog event. There will be global exclusive rewards for exchange but none of them are exceptionally exciting (for now). Even the original rewards are meh… except maybe for the Dodge lovers where you can exchange a Large Sword with Evade on it.

Read more about the event here.

Also, we will get the “Trial” for this event next week. You can sneak peak the guide here.

2. Awakened Warriors 

Agrias and Gaffgarion will get their 6* upgrade after maintenance on Thursday. Both of them are not really that great but I guess you can probably Awaken Agrias to use her as the Main Attacker for the event.

After the upgrade, Agrias will be like a budget Orlandeau where she’ll be able to cast a weaker version of Divine Ruination (160% instead of 200%, 5 hits instead of 7).

As for Gaffgarion, don’t bother making him 6*. Just continue to farm for his TM.

3. Featured Summon Banner

This is quite a tricky banner to pull from. There are 7 units up there and 4 of them are 4* based. I’m pretty sure it’s going to be Alma-fest all over again.

Mercenary Ramza

This is one complicated unit. MerzRam is a semi-hybrid unit leaning more towards the Physical side. His best attacking skill is Blade of Justice, a 250% ST 8 Hits Physical attack with 25% ignore defense. He has got 100% Status immunity and 75% chance to defend an ally from physical damage. This is great as he will get a global exclusive buff that boosts his DEF/SPR when equipped with Light Shield.

However, the second global exclusive buff will include a MAG boost when equipped with a robe. Currently, he has only got Ultima as his only Magic Skill which makes this GL redundant?

TM wised, Japa Mala is an awesome accessory to get boosting your HP/MP/ATK/MAG by 20%

Knight Delita

KDelita has got the potential to be one of the highest ATK chainers in the game. He’s passive ability, Black Sheep Knight, boost a total of 50% ATK when equipped with Sword and Heavy Armor. You can then stacked this with Dark Knight’s Soul to get another 50% ATK bonus. His Limit Burst at max level can reduce the enemy’s ATK/MAG by 64%. Lastly, his main attack skill, Commanding Blade, is a 200% Single Target 8-hit Physical attack with 50% Ignore Def.

The bad thing about KDelita is that he lacks AOE attacks.

As for his TM, Grand Armor, is definitely a great armor for all Tanks. However, recent Trials and Boss fights tend to focus more on Elemental Resistance thus you might not find much use for Grand Armor.


A decent support unit that can buff and debuff for the party. They added an auto revive global exclusive skill for her which can be useful for fighting the Aigion Trial. However, I believe we have better Debuffers (Ling) and Buffers (Zargabaath) for our Global version which makes her not that great to chase.

I believe her TM is currently the highest DEF robe on global. This could help Tilith to be slightly more durable. Also, it adds 15% MP. If you missed getting Great Mage’s Robe from The Psycho Clown event, this could be the next best alternative Robe for Healers.


^ Spelling looks like Orz

Anyway, if for some reason, you don’t have a Rikku in your party (which you should), Orran is probably the next best alternative? As a support, Orran can buff the team with 40% All Elemental Resistance with +50% MAG/SPR. He also has 25% chance to cast Auto-Revive for the team. This may not seem reliable but it’s your best alternative if you don’t have a Rikku.

As for his TM…. meh…..

To summarize, like all Mog Event Banners, you should probably do a few pulls and get yourself some Bonus units for the event. Most of these units have pretty decent TM rewards. Even Alma’s TM is pretty decent for budget mages.

However, if you’re only looking at the 4* units, none of them are not really game changing units. Furthermore, there’s 4 of them in this banner.

Whether or not to chase for Mercenary Ramza or Knight Delita is purely up to you. However, don’t forget that the NiER banner might be coming soon. As always, pull responsibly!

4. Cactuar Dunes

Let us farm more Cactuars this weekend!!!!





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