June Updates – At a Glance – Updated


As we count down to the first anniversary for Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Global, here are some of the events to expect in the coming 3 weeks!

1. The Big Bridge Reappeared

Before we start with the fancy stuff, do note that The Big Bridge has reappeared. Don’t forget to collect those awesome rewards if you had missed the first one.

For the coming maintenance (Thursday), the app will be updated to version 2.2.0 with certain UI changes and Global Exclusive content!

2. Story Continues

The second half of Gronoa will be unlocked together with a new Esper, Lakshmi. Coincidentally, Lakshmi is also the new Primal Fight you get in the latest expansion of Final Fantasy XIV.

Updated: From 6/23 to 6/29, there will be half energy cost for all story dungeons! this is the best time to catch up with your main story!

3. Exclusive Equipment Quests

This is a quest event where you’ll only be able to access with select units. Through this quest, you can collect exclusive equipment for our 3 main protagonist; Rain, Lasswell and Fina. These items are pretty good and will be even better when equipped by their respective units.

4. Expedition (Global Exclusive Content)

If you have started playing mobile games about 3-4 years ago, you’ll find this system very familiar. In fact, this is something really popular amongst Jmobile games back then. Even World of Warcraft picked up this game system during the Draenor expansion.

Basically, you send your units out for x amount of time and when they “return”, they’ll be back with items and exp. Most of the items are negligible but what you really want is the Expansion Voucher (Expand your slots) and the Ability Materia; Adventurer+4.

5. EX Point

EX Point also known as VIP/Mileage points in other mobile games are points rewarded for spending x amount of real money on the game. You’ll be able to unlock different kinds of rewards depending on how much money you spent! We don’t have a clue how the rewards will be like for global but in Japan, you’ll get a 5* ticket for spending 17600 Yen (~$158USD).

6. Others

  • Maxwell Trial. The Trial of the Creator will also be opened this week for players to acquire Maxwell. You can check out the guide here.
  • Esper SP reset. First reset is free. Subsequent reset cost 100 Lapis.
  • Removal of crafting time. Previous crafting slots will be refunded in Lapis.
  • New dungeon tiers unlocked. Additional stage for Special Vortex will be added.
  • Sharing summons results (Global exclusive). Share your summon result through Twitter or Facebook (meh….).
  • 6* Fina. You can now upgrade Fina to 6*!
  • Base Inventory Slot increase giveaway

7. FFBE Swimsuit Summon!

The long awaited Summer units are finally here! Collect Beach Time Fina, Summer Lid and Seabreeze Dark Fina in this week’s featured summon!

The following week, Tidus and his 2 other FFX members will be here!

8. Final Fantasy X Event

Tidus, together with Rikku and Wakka will finally be arriving to the world of Lapis. I hope you guys got your Summon Tickets or Lapis saved up as Rikku is a must have unit! If you’re short on Lapis, do remember to clear Gronoa Part 2 this week!

Note: It is said that Warrior of the Light will also get it’s 6* upgrade this week.

9. 1 Year Anniversary Free Summons

I believe most of you would have heard of this by now so I’m just going to summarize.

  • 10+1 Free Summons (Similar to the one we get for 20m download reward)
  • 10+1 with 1 Guaranteed 5* unit. Price to be confirmed. Low chance Tidus will be included 🙁
  • For a(lmost) month, you’ll get 1 Free Summon everyday .

10. Final Fantasy XII Event (July)

I guess this is to the coincide with the coming launch of Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age, the Remastered version for Final Fantasy XII. This will be a King Mog event. For Summons, You’ll have a chance to acquire Ashe, Rasler and a new Global Exclusive unit, Zargabaath.


11. Whale Dance……


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