Kol Village

kol village

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Shell
2. Recipe – Deshell
Treasure Chest
3. Earth Drum 10. Hi-Potion
4. Tent 11. Phoenix Down
5. Long Sword 12. Smelling Salts
6. Earth Key – 16 13. Gold Needle
7. Unicorn Horn 14. Metal Knuckles
8. Ether 15. Buckler
9. Earth Ring 16. Star Quartz


kol village_quest

Quest Name Rewards Details
1. The Magic Hammer Mythril Dagger *Hammer Time
2. Back to Work! Recipe – Great Axe Complete “The Magic Hammer” to unlock *Don’t Stop! (Hammer Time)
3. A Mother’s Worry Recipe – Healing Spring Pre-requisite – See guide below *Nuts Without My Daughter
4. Unwavering Feelings Recipe – Water Blade *Constant Devotion
5. Damage Control Recipe – Black Belt Gi *Catastrophi-Kol
6. Squirming in the Desert Recipe – Drain Pre-requisite – See guide below *Sand Hassle

*New Quest Name

1. The Magic Hammer

You can find the hammer at Phantom Forest Exploration:

kol village_quest1

2. Back to Work!

You can find Iron Ores at Zadehl Westersands – Exploration

3. A Mother’s Worry

You will need to talk to the girl at Port City Lydira to unlock the quest:

kol village_quest3

  1. Talk to daughter at Port City Lydira to unlock quest.
  2. Talk to mother at Kol Village to obtain quest.
  3. Talk to daughter and get rejected by her.
  4. Talk to mother again to complete quest.

4. Unwavering Feelings

Head over to Latius Wood – Exploration

kol village_quest4

5. Damage Control

You can find Pit Fiends in Lanzelt Lowlands.

6. Squirming in the Desert

  1. Talk to this NPC in Grandport first:
    kol village_quest6
  2. Go back Kol Village to collect quest.
  3. You can find Primevil at Zadehl Westersands – Exploration. It’s super rare and may appear only 1-2 times per exploration.