Kongbakpao’s Xmas Contest – Choose my PVP Team! Week 2


Christmas is coming so I thought to organize an event for the community! Thank you so much for all of you who have been with me for the past few months and I hope you guys will stick around for a very long time until I can afford to go P2W again!

So here is the plan! For the next 2 weeks, you guys will pick my PVP team from the list of units that I had Max-leveled (yes including 4* units). I will play 10 matches with the team you guys picked in the upcoming stream, tentatively on 9 and 16 December.

To make things interesting, for each match that I lose, you guys will be rewarded with 100 “Paos”. You can use the “Paos” to purchase tickets here and stand a chance to win a USD $10 gift card. I will pick a winner immediately after the 10 matches.

Alternatively, you guys can hold on to the “Paos” and purchase tickets for my Grand Christmas Draw where I’ll be giving away a USD $30 giftcard. I’ll pick a winner and post a video on YouTube for this draw.


  1. For each week, each person is allowed to vote 5 unique units from the list below.
  2. You will need to watch my stream on the above 2 dates to receive the “Paos”.
  3. For PVP, I will pick the opponent who is first on the list and fight him twice. If the third battle is still the same person at the top of the list, I will pick the second opponent below.
  4. I will still equip the best equipment I have on the units you guys picked.
  5. Special case for “No Magic” week, I will not pick any mages if it’s NO magic week.
  6. There must be at least 3 unique units for the 2 different weeks.
  7. This event is sponsored by me so MY RULES!
  8. My rules says I can change the rules any time 🙂


Week 1 – 9 Decemeber  Winner!


Week 2 – 16 Decemeber Vote Now!




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