Lands of Plenty

You can access the Lands of Plenty Event through the Vortex.

Stage Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp Stage Clear Bonus
Dalnakya Cavern Harvest – BGN 5 >3030 70 Recipe – Broadsword
Dalnakya Cavern Harvest – INT 10 75 Recipe – Fine Blade
Dalnakya Cavern Harvest – ADV 15 80 Recipe – Superior Blade
Dalnakya Cavern Harvest – PRO 16 100 Recipe – Shining Splendor



Fine Blade Where to get
Broadsword 5 Craft, Buy from Town of Mitra, Royal Capital Grandshelt or Port City Lodin
Copper Ore 15 Exploration in Granshelt Isles and Lanzelt
Lumber 20 Exploration in Granshelt Isles
Crafting Time Cost
3 hours 400


Superior Blade Where to get
Fine Blade 6 Craft
Copper Ore 30 Lands of Plenty
Lumber 40 Lands of Plenty
Crafting Time Cost
6 hours 4000


Shining Splendor Where to get
Superior Blade 3
Cavern Ore 80 Lands of Plenty: Pro
Iron Ore 80 Lands of Plenty: Pro
Silver Ore 80 Lands of Plenty: Pro
Mythril Ore 50 Lands of Plenty: Pro
Crafting Time Cost
2 days 150000


Total Base Materials Required for Shining Splendor:

Materials QTY Notes
Broadsword 90 Purchase from Shops
Copper Ore 360 270 for 18x Fine Blade + 90 for 3x Superior Blade
Lumber 480 360 for 18x Fine Blade + 120 for 3x Superior Blade
Cavern Ore 80 *Event drop only
Iron Ore 80
Silver Ore 80
Mythril Ore 50


BGN Mode


INT Mode


ADV Mode


PRO Mode

Warning: This is going to be really difficult if you do not have a full 5* Maxed-out party. Bring along a unit with the “escape” ability to save time. 





Try to equip your party with the best physical defense equipment. Stack up those HP+ abilities.

Items: Tent (a must), Turbo – Ether, Elixirs,


Boss 1


Amoebozoa is a very irritating boss as it mainly cast Osmose to leech off all your MP. Howerver, it does not hit hard. Remember to refill your MP with Ether AFTER the fight.

  • Cheer
  • Full Break
  • Barrage

Boss 2


Estimated Boss Stats:

DEF = 1640, SPR = ???

Hill Gigas has a very strong physical Defence. My Chizuru (although not strong yet) can only hit him for 400+ damage per Barrage hit. You’ll need to make use of your 2 mages to take it down. Hill Gigas can hit for quite a bit of damage thus remember to use blind to reduce the chance of getting hit. Use a Tent to top up your MP and HP for the next boss fight

  • Full Break
  • Imperil
  • Fire or Ice Spells
  • Blind

Boss 3


Estimated Boss Stats:

DEF = 1970, SPR = ???

Ogre is similar to Hill Gigas who has high physical defence stats. Use magic to take it down quickly.

  • Full Break
  • Imperil
  • Fire or Ice Spells
  • Barrage
  • Cheer

Recommended Units

You’ll need to bring along 2 Mage characters to make the boss fights easy. Also, bring along Physical Attackers with the Human-Killer Ability. I would recommend bringing 1 Breaker, 1 Healer, 2 Physical Attacker and 2 Magic Attacker.

Breaker – Vaan, WOL
Physical Attackers – COD, Artemios, Chizuru, Fencer, Leo
Magic Attackers – Kefka, Exdeath, Tellah
Healer – Lenna, Fina