Lanzelt Ruins – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
12 ~33000 333


– Material Pickup Spots.

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Blizzara
2. Recipe – Baraera
Treasure Chest
3. Earth Key – 2
4. Squall Ring
5. Wizard’s Robe
6. Blaze Ring
7. Tide Ring
8. Clay Ring
9. Recipe – Moon Ring Blade
10. Recipe – Cleric’s Robe
11. Frost Ring
12. Earth Key – 12
13. Lightning Ring Kill Boss first
14. Star Quartz
15. Star Quartz


Quests – Prowling the Ruins

Monsters Epimetheus, Searcher, Dire Lizard, Scolopendra, Abyssal, Skuldier, Medusa,
Boss Wandering One


Drops Pickup
Book of Ruins, Litrock, Pearl of Wisdom, Talmonite of Life, Esper Shard, Polymer Emulsion, God’s Reliquary, Demon Tail, Esper Crys, Earth’s Core, Spiritsand, Scripture of Time, Farplane Soul, Life Orb, Digital Circuit, Allure Powder, Corpse Fly, Beast Meat, Crimson Tear, Heaven’s Ash, Green Fluid, Cursed Tusk, Seed of Life Dark Megacrys, Dark Crys, Copper Ore, Iron Ore, Magicite, Black Magicite, Black Megacite, Lightning Crys, Fire Crys, Water MegaCrys, Water Crys