Leveling Guide

Things to take note:
1. At the beginning of the game, hop between main quest and Daily Exp Dungeons and maximize your energy usage while you level up.
2. Once your once units reach an average level of 25, you’re better off leveling at the Exploration Maps as you’ll get Materials, Rank Exp and more Exp/Stam used.
3. There is an limit to the number of Exp you can earn through each Exploration Dungeon. You can check if you have capped the number of battles with reference of your gil.

Exp Dungeon
Difficulty Energy Unit Exp Unit Exp / NRG Recommended Level
Easy 5 ~7000 1400 4
Medium 10 ~16000 1600 10
Hard 15 ~31000 2066 25


If you happen to have “powerful” friends, you can use them to power level your units at more difficult exploration places. Your “friend unit” will not take a cut of the experience points given.

Zone Place Unit Exp / NRG Rank Exp
Grandshelt Fulan Pass – Exploration 1866 21.2
Lanzelt Lanzelt Ruins – Exploration 2750 27.8
Kolobos Kolobos Marsh – Exploration 3645.4 29.1
Dirnado Maranda Coast – Exploration 5005.3 31.1
Dirnado Windy Heights West – Exploration 5076.7 37.3
Olderion Mystic Woods – Exploration 7112.5 42.1
Olderion Aquatic Cove – Exploration 6386.1 44.7