Lost Village of Marlo (Secret Town)

Check out the Wolfsfang Peak Exploration map to find out how to unlock Lost Village of Marlo


Treasure Key Box
1. Katana + 42 ATK
Treasure Chest
2. Recipe – Fuma Shuriken
3. Great Axe
4. Ether
5. Recipe – Power Vest
6. Gold Needle
7. Recipe – Hyper Wrist
8. Barbut  See Below
9. Earth Key – 1  See Below
10. Large Shield
11. Partisan  See Below
12. Star Quartz


Chest 8 and 9


Chest 11




Quest Name Rewards Details
1. A Snow-swept Menace Mirage Vest (28def, 15SPR) Defeat Mahadeva at Wolfsfang Peak *The Wolfsfang Terror
2. Longing for the Outside Star Quartz Ice MegaCrys – 3 *Outside In
3. Prized Possessions Recipe – Red Cap Artisan in Grandport *My Shameful Naked Wrist
4. Season of Monsters Recipe – Kazekiri Defeat Ice Sculpture – 10 *The Icemen Overcometh
5. Sins of the Past Recipe – Gaia Gear Pre-requisite – Complete “Season of Monsters”

*New Quest Name

1. A Snow-swept Menace

Rare monster that appears in Wolfsfang Peak – Exploration


2. Longing for the Outside

You can get Ice MegaCrys at Wolfsfang Peak – Exploration

3. Prized Possessions

Talk to old man at Grandport, you will need to give him 1 Silver Ore.


4. Season of Monsters

You can find Ice Sculpture at Wolfsfang Peak – Exploration

5. Sins of the Past

Proceed to Wolfsfang Peak – Exploration.