Magi Nation Mysidia

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Ice Rod
Treasure Chest
2. Flamering Key – 2 See below
3. Carabini Mail (Light Armor: DEF+47, Auto-Regen)
4. Turbo Ether
5. Recipe – Werebuster
6. Scripture of Time
7. Flamering Key – 8
8. Rune Axe
9. Star Quartz


2. Flamering Key – 2

Head to the Portal in the Research Facility (middle). You will be randomly teleported to the spots marked with a Red Star. This is the only way to get to the spot where Flamering Key – 2 is located.


Quest Name Rewards
1. Monsters ’round Mysidia Mirage Vest
2. Perfect Forecast Fairy Ring
3. Ice of Steel Recipe – Mystery Veil
4. Pupil of the Magi (Pre-requisite: Ice of Steel Quest) Thunder Ring
Unlock at next island (Gronoa) Aurora Key – 9


1. Monsters ’round Mysidia

Snow Forest?

2. Perfect Forecast

Part 1Snowy Woods – Exploration

Part 2 – Turn in 5 Seed of Life to Client

3. Ice of Steel

Part 1 – Speak to the Mage on the top left of Mysidia

Part 2 – Head to Dwarves’ Forge – Exploration – Talk to NPC TWICE

Part 3 – Head to Surging Volcano – Exploration

4. Pupil of the Magi

You will need to complete quest 3 to unlock this quest

Part 1 – Head to Snowy Woods – Exploration and talk to Disciple A. Collect Snowflakes by going to the 3 Red Star spots below.

Part 2 – Head to Mage’s Library – Exploration and talk to Disciple B. Defeat the Monster at the Red Star Spot below.

5. Unlocked at Gronoa