Mechanics – Healing

Monkun’s Mechanics and Theorycrafting – Healing Mechanics

Welcome to another edition of Monkun’s Mechanics and Theorycrafting! Today, we’ll be focusing on Healing Mechanics. If you haven’t already, you can also check out my articles on Physical Damage Mechanics Basics and Magic Damage Mechanics Basics.

The mechanics behind healing are relatively simple and amount healed is primarily determined by which Healing Spell or Ability as well as unit SPR and MAG (yes MAG) as additional factors.

The complete formula for Healing Magic can be expressed as follows:


  • Unit SPR = Final SPR value of unit including equipment, trait/ability enhancements, buffs/debuffs. This also includes equipment that grants Auto-Shell (+SPR) effects in-battle such as the Moon Bracer.
  • Unit MAG = Final MAG value of unit including equipment, trait/ability enhancements, buffs/debuffs
  • Healing Multiplier = This varies per Healing Spell or Ability. Higher level/rarity Healing Spells/Abilities generally have higher multipliers. Refer to table below for a list of multipliers of the most common Healing Spells/Abilities.
  • Base Healing Value = This value varies per Healing Spell or Ability. The higher the base healing value, the more HP is healed. Refer to the table below for a list of Base Healing Values of the most common Healing Spells/Abilities.
  • Healing Coefficient Modifier = This is normally set to 1. During some events, this modifier may vary to increase or decrease healing potency.
Ability Base Value Multiplier
Cure (single target) 150 3
Cura (group) 400 3
Curaga (single target) 800 3.4
Curaja (group) 1000 3.4

Healing Variance

Very similar to how Physical/Magic Damage Variance is calculated, the amount healed will vary per cast. Through data collected from hundreds of test runs, I’ve determined that the actual amount healed will vary from 86% to 100%.

Theorycrafting – Healing

Example #1: Is Cura a viable replacement for Curaja given enough SPR? – Assuming a unit has 130 SPR and 100 MAG, how much SPR will it take for Cura to heal the same amount as Curaja?

First, let’s calculate how much Curaja will heal from these stats. We will ignore the Healing Coefficient Modifier and Healing Variance since we’re just looking at max amount healed. (You can follow along here or use my handy dandy Healing Calculator.)


So a unit that has 130 SPR and 100 MAG using Curaja will heal 1255 HP max. Now let’s set up the formula to determine how much SPR is required to heal this same amount using Cura by solving for x, again ignoring the Healing Coefficient Modifier and Healing Variance:


This unit with 130 SPR would need 420 additional SPR, for a total of 550 SPR, in order for Cura to heal the same as Curaja.

Example #2: Using the same unit mentioned example above, if we assume this unit with 130 SPR and 100 MAG has a Wizard’s Staff equipped (13 ATK, 6 MAG, 32 SPR) and instead equip Lenna’s TM weapon: Magi Staff (25 ATK, 12 MAG, 70 SPR), how much healing will they gain using Curaja with this new equipment?

Since we already know that this unit will heal 1255 HP using a Wizard’s Staff, we simply need to calculate the new amount healed with increased stats from the Magi Staff.

heal-eq4With the Magi Staff equipped, this unit will heal for a max of 1322 instead of 1255 using Curaja, a difference of approximately 67 HP healed.

Observations and Conclusions

SPR doesn’t scale very well in terms of amount healed and likely a game balance decision since SPR is also used for Magic Defense. Since Base Healing Value is one of the primary determining factors of Healing Magic, going from Cura to Curaja takes an incredible amount of SPR to overcome this difference.

As we saw in Example #2, also consider that a +38 SPR/+6 MAG gain only netted about 67 more HP healed per Curaja. Something to keep in mind when prioritizing which TMs to focus on.

References and Credits:

While some of the information was obtained from various sources such as the FFBE Reddit, Exviuswiki, and other Japanese gaming sites such as Altema and Famitsu, the majority of the research, data collection, examples, and theorycrafting is completely my own work. If you feel that I may have missed crediting a specific author or individual, please drop a comment below. Thanks 🙂