Mobreeze Airship Factory – Exploration

Mobulizu Airship Factory

Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
14 51964 531


Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Faith
Treasure Chest
2. Star Quartz
3. Power Vest
4. Heavenly Wrath
5. Lightning Megacrys
6. Sleep Sword
7. Lightning Ring
8. Recipe – Mythril Dagger Kill Boss to collect
9. Star Quartz Kill Boss to collect



Quest name Reward
Q1 – To Each His Own (Bring along a Potion to unlock this quest) Elixir


Q1 – To Each His Own

Talk to the following people in order at Industrial City Dilmagia

Mobulizu Airship Factory_quests

Q2 – More Important than Life Itself

Monsters Socerer, Security Eye, Foot Soldier, Epimetheus, Cursed Bones, Ghost, Magitek Armor, Centipede
Boss Guardian



Drops Pickup
Wizard Stone, Spiritsand, Esper Crys, Pearl of Wisdom, Earth’s Core, Farplane Dew, Gaia’s Tear, Talmonite of Life, Polymer Emulsion, Farplane Soul, Scripture of Time, Pearl of Wisdom Iron Ore, Violet Magicite, Violet Megacite, Water Crys, Water Megacrys, Fire Crys, Fire Megacrys, Lightning Crys, Lightning Megacrys, Mythril Ore, Magicite,