New Allies – Garnet, Freya and More Disappointments


If you think gumi or SE is going to be a better company after last week’s banner, well you’re right! Here is them saying SUCK IT UP!

I was really dumbfounded when I first saw this new upcoming banner. I was expecting them to swap Amarant and Lani out for Garnet and Freya but instead, they decided to include everything! Why the f… did they split them up in the first place is really beyond me.

Who to Pull?

None (However, if you really must pull, please do not try more than 11)



Stats ★4 ★5
HP 1647 2142
MP 110 144
ATK 63 86
DEF 68 84
MAG 69 99
SPR 84 152


dagger staff wand
hat garb robe
fire ice thunder water wind earth holy dark
poison blind sleep silence paralyze confuse sap petrify


Spells Element Effect MP Level Rarity Unlock
Cure ~150 HP Heal w/ 3x Mod 3 4 0
Regen ~400 HP Heal w/ 2x Mod for 3 Turns 3 12 0
Cura AoE ~400 HP Heal w/ 3x Mod 7 24 5
Shell Light +20% SPR for 3 turns 4 36 0
Protect Light +20% DEF for 3 turns 4 36 0
Curaga ~800 HP Heal w/ 3.4x Mod 9 60 0
Curaja AoE ~1000 HP Heal w/ 3.4x Mod 15 80 5
Raise Revive with 30% HP 12 80 5



Special Element Effect MP Level Rarity Unlock
SPR +30% SPR +30% 0 42 5
SMN MAG +10% Increase Summon Damage by 10% 0 48 0
High Tide LB Fill Rate +100% 0 54 5
MP +10% MP +10% 0 62 5
SMN MAG +30% Increase Summon Damage by 30% 0 73 5


Limit Burst

Name Max Lv Element Value Cost Rarity
15 Fill Summon Gauge 4-7 / Fill Summon Gauge 4-7 12 -> 9 ★4
20 Fill Summon Gauge 5-8 / Fill Summon Gauge 5-8 14 -> 10 ★5




Stats ★3 ★4 ★5
HP 1576 2049 2545
MP 66 86 112
ATK 60 79 103
DEF 57 75 93
MAG 50 66 86
SPR 55 72 90


dagger sword broadsword katana staff wand bow axe
hammer spear harp whip throw gun mace fist
lightshield heavyshield hat helmet garb breastplate armor robe
fire ice thunder water wind earth holy dark
poison blind sleep silence paralyze confuse sap petrify





Specials Element Effect MP Level Min Rarity
Jump Jump (for 1 turn) + 180% ST Physical Attack 7 1 0
Lancet ST 80% Attack w/ NaN% MP Drain & ST 30% Attack w/ 10% MP Drain 10 16 0
Store 80% ATK per Use (160% Max) until Next Action (Damage Taken +50%) 2 17 4
Dragon Killer 50% Physical Damage vs Dragon Race 0 29 4
Six Dragons Randomly Use: Six Dragons (30% chance) AoE 100% HP Recovery 5 34 5
DEF +10% Def + 10% 0 34 5
ATK +10% ATK +10% 0 52 5
High Jump Increase Jump Damage by 100% 0 59 4
Reis’s Wind AoE ~800 HP Heal w/ 11.5x Mod for 3 Turns 12 80 5


Limit Burst

Limit Burst Max Lv Element Value Cost Rarity
10 210% AoE Physical Attack / 255% AoE Physical Attack 10 ★3
15 230% AoE Physical Attack / 300% AoE Physical Attack 12 ★4
20 250% AoE Physical Attack / 345% AoE Physical Attack 14 ★5



  1. Wow this is pretty harsh. I get not liking how they’re doing things, but think ahead a bit before airing your grievances -if they keep doing things this way, they’re going to do this when better characters, like (from what I hear) Lightning are released. This isn’t an optimal model, but it gives us a longer chance to try for a character than if they took down the prior banner for the new one.

    Besides, reading some reddit posts on pull simulations, the boosted chance rate of getting a banner character is pretty terrible, at least for the current FFIX picks. That’s what should make people angry.

    • No, the rage is definitely warranted. Nobody sees a banner like this and, without a lot of research, expects to do 40 pulls and get 8 Vivis and 0 Zidanes. It’s unethical to the point that we should be talking about boycots and lawsuits.

  2. Just remember every character is somebody’s favorite. This is my first FF game and I’m enjoying it. I’m currently rocking Golbez, Rain, Chizuru, Lenna, and Kefka. They’re all 5* and maxed. I’ll drop a few tickets tomorrow and see what I get.

    • Exactly. This is my favorite FF game, and I got myself a Zidane and Amarant to add to my party. Also got Vivi which I already had and a Lani whom I wont use, but hopefully in the coming week I can nab Freya, Kuja and/or Garnet. I’d love to have a dedicated FF9 team.

      Amarant is amazing. High health, great damage output, his counter paired with eye for an eye and poison claws is decimating enemies, and he can even self heal and raise party members. So versatile! Zidane isn’t the best unit, I will admit, but the steals and counters are useful.

  3. The banner itself kinda sucks, but I was extremely lucky on it so far… 2 Lanis (alright …) but a 3* Lenna (not on the banner but I pulled her) AND a 5* Zidane. That wasn’t bad at all.

  4. freya attack isn’t 103 it’s 113.. which makes a pretty good difference on the tier list… thought her kit isn’t that good

  5. Kong actually the drop rate seems better since yesterday. I only pull 6 time and get Zidane and Freya. and no vivi just 3 anzelm….

  6. Personally, I don’t understand why even add Vivi to the rate up, aside from the fact its a FFIX character and I get the theme, but Vivi is already pretty common (at least for me) so its kind of a slap in the face to increase the rate of a common pull over the chance of the newer characters. I already had Vivi at 100% trust just from pulls trying to get previous banner characters.

    Meanwhile, in the process of trying to get just Freya (my favorite FFIX character) I got two Hayates, one Locke, one Artemios, a 5* WoL, a 5* Chizu, and at least a dozen more Vivis and Lanis that I don’t need nor will ever use.

  7. im just new player ( less then 10 days old ) and i got lenna, kuja and few vivi for my pulls (around 11 ). but seems like garnet is good pull for new player like us. now i have lenna for her curaja ( still at 4*) and terra (4* ) for her raise. seems like garnet can do both. ofcos i want better ones but seems like im not that lucky here :D. now my team is rain, cecil, kuja, terra and lenna.

  8. I got two Freya and she’s not to grate no good damage attacks has jump and high jump but takes two turns and other units can pull the same amount of damage she is a descent support but not worth more than 11 pulls worth in my opinion.


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