New Allies – Type-0 Part 2


This week, we are back with part 2 of the Final Fantasy Type-0 Banner.

Firstly, I apologise for the lack of banner updates. I wanted to do something new but I guess I got lazy and it got dragged on. However, there are real plans to revamp how things worked around here. In fact, in 2-3 months (hopefully sooner), the site will undergo a facelift. I’ll keep you guys updated when the time comes! Now let’s talk about this shitty banner.

Who to Pull?

If you guys have noticed, we have come to a point where, every time there’s a King Mog event, the banners are usually “not that great”. However, due to the bonuses, we have no choice but to pull. As a F2P Player, most of you do need these bonus units as there are some good stuff to exchange from King Mog, especially if you do not rely on TM items. SO! how bad is this banner….?

Queen was given some Global exclusive skills and to be honest, I thought she looked really good on paper. However, after taking her out for a spin, I realised she’s not that game changer unit I’m looking for. Don’t get me wrong, Queen’s buff on global is definitely a welcomed one and put her in line with the other 5* based units (bottom line).

  • Queen’s choice of equipment are not very good especially if you do not have a variety of TM farmed up and ready to be given to her. Looking at my friendlist, most of the Queens ATK hover at about ~650ish ATK. The highest I’ve seen is only at 818 ATK. Compared to most of the 5* based units out there, she’s slightly on the lower side.
  • In order for her to maximize her damage, Players will need to bring her HP down to below 3% so as to trigger the Berserk effect. Personally, I feel that it’s a hassle and waste of turns to set this up. This also limits her ability to fight in long battles as Berserk last only for 3 turns, not forgetting that the boss only needs to kiss you and you’re dead.
  • Her main skill, Devastate, was given a welcomed buff on global. When used effectively (with berserk), this is actually a pretty high damage skill and it helps in setting up those long chain attacks. However, the time needed to go through the whole 10 cycle (DW) of attacks are……….. meh…
  • Queen’s TM, Wisdom, gives +30%ATK and +20%HP. I’m pretty sure the figures alone are quite self-explanatory.
  • Queen can be used as an expensive support unit as she has the ability to cast Curaja and Magic Martyr to replenish the team’s HP and MP.

In summary, Queen is a decent unit, especially for this event but definitely not a game changer, at least not in the next few months. It’ll be great if you can get her but even if you don’t, you should not feel disappointed.

Nine is definitely the most interesting unit in this banner. With the global exclusive buff, High Jump: Power ↑, it gives him the ability to deal insane amount of damage with his Hyper Dive.

  • Hyper Dive Multiplier is … 15x? (Someone do the math for this please) However, you just need to know that it’s ridiculously high. However, you will be stuck on the ceiling like a lizard for 2 turns, coming down only on the third.
  • Can be useful on bosses that you know is going to cast some huge ass damage for the next 3 turns.
  • Currently, Jump abilities does not factor in Killer multipliers and Elemental multipliers. This makes Nine not much of a team player unless your team is made up of Jumpers.
  • Nine’s TM is suppose to be really good when used together with Growth Eggs, so as to quickly level up your units. However, with the recent Cactuar Dunes buff, the TMs value has gone down a little.
  • Makes me regret not whaling for Elza.

In short, I think Nine is a pretty decent 4* based units in recent times. I think his abilities makes him “fun” to play with and give the game some variation from the current meta.

It’s been awhile since we have a decent 3* based unit. As the game progresses and difficulty increases, 3* based units that cannot become 6*, easily becomes obsolete. Their main role now is to act as the “Banner Troll”. I think we have come to a point where 3* based units can be considered good if his/her TM is useful.

Kit wised, Cinque is definitely not your first choice unit, but her TM, is actually a pretty decent and a cheaper method to boost your ATK and DEF.





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