NieR: Automata Collaboration


Saw this on Facebook. Apparently, the NieR: Automata Collaboration has been confirmed at the “Fan Festa” in Paris!

Anyone who attended the event can share information with us?


  1. I was there last night. Apparently we will be getting this collaboration soon but there was a question of whether these units will be nerfed since it was a fairly new event for jp. The producers have confirmed that if the unit is not released simultaneously (like Noctis), we will be getting the exact same unit as jp (might even stronger they said, global exclusive skills maybe?)

    They have also discussed about interesting topics, like why there is no monster hunter or dragon quest collaboration in global, why is Noctis being nerfed and how they are thinking to bring him back to normal (make Noct great again!)

  2. outi, ur pics are better quality than mine T_T

    anyway check my pics/vidz on my fb profile:
    got some screens of the exclusive unit and raid boss on the event. and some sweet concert vidz.
    they announced few stuff about global adjustement, most of the answers were be patient (Question like; “when will noctis be adjusted? when will balthier come?” almost no answers at:” when will we get the 3% raise for rainbows?” just they underlined that jp an GL are not the same game (meaning no we won’t i guess).
    we’ll soon get a new trial boss ( forgot the eng name.. and the reward will be a sweer +120(?) knuckle weapon with some special skill built in.
    For Nier event, sorry, we don’t have any dates about it. have the same pic as Senpai.
    considering next week loot, we’ll get some nice free summ tickets (10+ 1 4*) and 6x 5%TM moggle ans some more pots as an excuse for technical issues we had on the event.
    if u need some more pics or Lid artisan english spec(i just have to change my settings ;)) feel free to contact me on my mailbox.


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