In the South Korean Fan Festa at the crowded Ilchi Art Hall which concluded on November 19th, fans of the hit free-to-play RPG heard first hand from the team numerous game updates, special promotions, and other exciting news, including:

  • Permanent Rare Character Drop Rate Increase: Starting November 24th, drop rates for rainbow crystals that contain top-tier characters will be tripled from the current rate!
  • New FINAL FANTASY XV Characters: Gladiolus, Cor and Iris join Noctis and the Kingsglaive cast as playable characters.
  • Ability Upgrades for Noctis: The star of FINAL FANTASY XV will receive a number of boosts to current abilities in addition to receiving new abilities.
  • New Units: Joining the growing cast of FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS original characters are Roy, Aura and Guromu!
  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials: A special Black Friday bundles and additional generous bargains await players from November 24th – 30th, with discounts up to 60%!

The first anniversary celebrations for FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS will conclude next month, with the final Fan Festa in Los Angeles taking place at The Wiltern Theater on December 9th. To register for the Los Angeles Fan Festa and for more information, please visit

Check out the Final Fantasy XV Event Guide here.


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