Old Allies – Dark Destroyers


This week’s Summon banner is simple…. Pull CoD if you do not have one. Try to grab DKC for his Deathbringer TM.

Who to Pull?

I’m going to base the ranking solely on the unit’s usefulness against this upcoming Maxwell event.

CoD > DK Cecil > Duane / Garland > Gaffgarion


  • Best Attacker for this fight
  • – Man-Eater + Man Eater+
  • 50% Holy Resistance
  • Call of the Void

DK Cecil

  • High Attack
  • Soul Eater


  • Magic Infuse
  • Tanky
  • Attack Stats are slightly low


  • Man-eater
  • Decent Physical Attacker
  • Lacks Dark attack in his 5* form for this fight


  • He’s useless in his 5* form for this fight


  1. Garland has a Dark Attack. Darkside is native for him. It costs HP, but with a decent healer he can span this well enough and it is good dark damage.

  2. Really want COD but already have DK Cecil (not as great as stats suggest), Garland (no ability slots) & Gaffgarion (another one that you’ll never use), not sure if worth the pull… grrr or should I try to pull Elza again since she actually appears to be pretty good in PVP~~

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