Old Allies – Final Fantasy VI Featured Summon


Finally, my wallet is getting a break this week as we’ll be having a new featured banner with old units!

Who to Pull?

In my humblest opinion Leo > Terra > Celes > Locke


  • Currently one of the best Attacker in global with high defensive stats.
  • TM – Aegis shield is very good especially against petrification.
  • Definitely a good alternative if you do not have Chizuru or Firion.


  • She’s actually not that great but since they announced that she’ll be getting her 6* this week, I guess they are gonna give her some good stuff.
  • TM – Ultima *thumbs up* .
  • Raise.


  • Good Support and Utility unit.
  • Has Magic Break if you are lacking a Full-breaker.
  • Good TM against the basic 3 elementals.


  • His only useful if you have COD, TM – Rising Sun BiS weapon for COD.
  • I wish you luck to not roll him.
  • Those of you who want to argue about his treasure hunting abilities.. go unlock 200 items slots first! 


  1. Treasure hunter cuts my energy use for awakening mats by at least a third. And he’s great for material based events (like the current Autumn Moon). I’ll swear by locke as a good pull for those reasons.


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