Old Allies – The Revenge of Chizuru


It’s back to haunt me again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Finally the Players’ Choice Banner is here and you’ll be pulling 1 of these 5 characters with boosted rates. Keep in mind though, there’s 5 Featured units and if I remember correctly, the last time we had 5 units, things did not went well. Please be mindful of your wallets!

Who to Pull?

For the first time, there’s no ranking order to these units as they perform different functions and are all good characters for now and the future.


  • One of the best attackers in game now with Barrage
  • The limited Weapon choice is a minor problem if you do not have Sakurafubuki or a good Katana.

Warrior of Light

  • Great tank
  • Full-Break
  • Awesome TM
  • Awesome Weapon Choice
  • Must Get


  • Best Mage in game currently (my opinion)
  • TM is a good to have!
  • Lacks Fire Spells


  • Good Healer with Cheer
  • Esuna
  • TM – Best Staff in the game
  • MP is slightly low

Cloud of Darkness

  • One of the highest Attack character (currently) with Barrage
  • Man-Eater – Useful for PVP in future
  • 50% resist to all elemental damage and 10% Resist to all Status Effects
  • Protectga
  • No Ability Slots
  • Limited Weapon Choice (you’ll need Locke’s Rising Sun to make her shine)

You should know by now that these are awesome characters without me having to explain all their characteristics.

Accepting Donations for Chizuru now~~~~~~~


  1. Damn, not sure if I should pull or not this go around. Already got 2 Chizurus and Lenas, and 1 Kefka from previous pulls, but i really want/need WoL for my team.

    I’m still missing a good tank, but I can complete all the complete current content in the game easily with double barrage/Hyperdrive/combo so I might be better off just saving my lapis.

    S-tier problems :p

  2. Theoretically this should be better than the FF9 banner since two of the units are 4* bases which means they won’t dilute the 3* summon pool, although the 3* bases will dilute the 4* pool so although we’ll have “increased” odds for WoL and You Know Who they’re probably gonna be worse than they could have been.

  3. i think theyre putting lightning after this or some big shot. right after they put the chars what we want from the poll and suck the free crystal out from us.

  4. i dont have chizoru kefka COD and lenna but i have WOL its very good i defeat intangir with his skills and i have great sword with 82 attack and mag . i hope you take this hero for your party

  5. Spent 7 of the tickets get on autumm fest…
    Got Chizuru and Kefka; off banners Freya and Luna, and 3 crap
    Stopped when get Chizuru since I had beforehand CoD and Lenna and hoping a WoL would be abusing of my luck

  6. Artemios, Chizuru, Firion, CoDx2, Kefka, Kuja, Garnet, Sabin, Lani, but no WoL!!! bahhh!!!!

    Still great line up though.

    I had 17 tickets, 5000 lapis, and one daily 250 pull in there, lots of galufs and edgars, rydias, marias. All free from build up over time

  7. I already have Lenna… missing the other 4.
    250 pull: CoD 3*

    I’ll call it a day and check tomorrow.
    Those 6 tickets shall wait, no reason pushing my luck.

  8. Needed WoL. Not a ton of lapis (1690) and just 3 tickets.

    250 pull: Lenna 3* (already have a 5*, but better opportunity for TM)
    First ticket: WoL 4*

    Time for some Gigantuar hunting, boys!

    P.S. Pulled an 4* Chizuru a couple weeks back. Last ticket at the time AND it reformed into a rainbow crystal. Felt pretty good.

  9. 30 pull : -5 lena (already have) -1 bartz (already have) -2 kefka -1 cod – 1artemios – 1xiao – 1medius (already have) – and some other bad characters but no WOL no chizuru … bad luck …

    • No luck on my part either. Also pulled 30. I literally have 7 CoD and 5 Kefkas. Also 5 Lennas. But no Chizuru….. She is my favorite character design wise, story wise, and stat wise. Lightning can go fly a kite lol Chizuru looks like my girlfriend so she’s a must have and yet nothing. I feel your pain 🙁

  10. Fml !

    Spent 17 tickets and over 15000 lapos and no freakin’ chizuru!!!

    I now have 8 CoD, 6 Kefka, 6 Lenna, 1 Celes, 1 Firion, 1 Terra, 1 Tellah and 1 WoL….

    All the rest are crapping 4* Franh and Maria or Edgar….

  11. I just got a 5 star chizuru. Just Before the poll. Got her level maxed up. Also had a 4 star cod and a 4 star lenna. Farming sacred crystals is hard AF. But still lacking WoL. And my attacker is a 5 star garland.

  12. 20 pulls from tickets, was really hoping for WoL for a breaker. Got Kefka x3, CoD x3, Lenna x2, Chiz x1. Finally on my last pull I got… Vaan! Not what I expected but all’s well that ends well.

  13. Could not believe the pull luck I had, though they were all lower stars I don’t care!

    I got WoL from the 1/2 off pull, then from tickets I got 3 CoDs, 2 Kefka’s, 1 lenna, 1 Chizuru, Luna, and a few other people I didn’t have. The only one I already had was Lenna but I’ll still take these pulls, thank you for the tickets King Mog!


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