PlaceEnergyNo. of BattleUNIT EXPRANK EXPUnit EXP/EnergyRank EXP/Energy
Argus Plains - North635170200861.733.3
Argus Plains - Central635177204862.834
Argus Plains - South6368912081148.534.7
Argus Plains - Shoreline6360322121005.335.3
Argus Plains - Attack of the Raptor638214216136936
Shipwreck - Sloping Bow635200220866.736.7
Shipwreck - Lonely Deck635205224867.537.3
Shipwreck - Sinking Hold6360732281012.238
Shipwreck - Rotting Cabin6360682321011.338.7
Shipwreck - The Charming Beast63123392362056.539.3
Tokkle Coast - Sea Floor735234240747.734.3
Tokkle Coast - Offshore735234244747.734.9
Tokkle Coast - Shallow736975248996.435.4
Tokkle Coast - Sparkling Water 736969252995.636
Tokkle Coast - Shadow in the Depths 7384592561208.436.6
Old Olderion - Entrance735266260752.337.1
Old Olderion - Aged Highway735259264751.337.7
Old Olderion - Central735270268752.938.3
Old Olderion - North735258272751.138.9
Old Olderion - Frontline7394622761351.739.4
Mystic Woods - Entrance835292280661.535
Mystic Woods - Mesmerizing Timbers 835289284661.135.5
Mystic Woods - Grassy Haunts835291288661.436
Mystic Woods - Diverging Path83617629277236.5
Mystic Woods - Final Approach83104152961301.937
Mystic Woods - Exploration10-711254217112.542.1
Aquatic Cove - Entrance835324300665.537.5
Aquatic Cove - Welling Fountain835321304665.138
Aquatic Cove - Ultramarine Waters837098308887.338.5
Aquatic Cove - Splashing Falls837107312888.439
Aquatic Cove - Dead Man's Way837949316993.639.5
Aquatic Cove - Exploration10-638614476386.144.7
Squirming Burrow - Gloomy Wall833569320446.140
Squirming Burrow - Muddy Flow835348324668.540.5
Squirming Burrow - Where the Waterweed Grows 835347328668.441
Squirming Burrow - Hatching Conditions837134332891.841.5
Squirming Burrow - Day of the Tentacles8389583361119.842
Lake Dorr - Muddy Waters947154340794.937.8
Lake Dorr - Bustle on the Shore94718234479838.2
Lake Dorr - Playground for Beasts948066348896.238.7
Lake Dorr - Violent Gales948974352997.139.1
Lake Dorr - Source of the Impurity928690356965.639.6
Lake Dorr - Exploration11-647034935882.144.8
New Olderion - Entrance94630936070140
New Olderion - Bridge947217364801.940.4
New Olderion - Plaza948116368901.840.9
New Olderion - Canal948128372903.141.3
New Olderion - Wharf94110143761223.841.8
Pirate Ship - Seaborn Ruffians1047254380725.438
Pirate Ship - All Blades On Deck1048173384817.338.4
Pirate Ship - Outlaw Showdown1049069388906.938.8
Pirate Ship - Battle on the Bow104108923921089.239.2
Pirate Ship - The Bold Lady Boss104131753961317.539.6
Stormy Seas - Raging Waves1046387400638.740
Stormy Seas - Sideways Rain1047294404729.440.4
Stormy Seas - Surging Current1048204408820.440.8
Stormy Seas - Waters of Fury1049117412911.741.2
Stormy Seas - King of the Depths104122944161229.441.6
Ghost Ship - Wicked Waters1147340420667.338.2
Ghost Ship - Call from the Bow1147331424666.538.5
Ghost Ship - Foggy Deck1148254428750.438.9
Ghost Ship - Vacant Cabin11410095432917.739.3
Ghost Ship - Abominable Presence 11410605436964.139.6
Ghost Ship - Exploration14-707535795053.741.4
Widow's Cape - Inlet1146442440585.640
Widow's Cape - Vertical Rockface1147385444671.440.4
Widow's Cape - Crashing Waves1149225448838.640.7
Widow's Cape - Crack in the Surface114921845283841.1
Widow's Cape -Blazing Assault114135474561231.541.5
Subterranean Stream - Mouth1246498460541.538.3
Subterranean Stream - Gloomy Carvern1247414464617.838.7
Subterranean Stream - Stalactite Grove1247419468618.339
Subterranean Stream - Growing Darkness12410202472850.239.3
Subterranean Stream - Den of the Wicked12410861476905.139.7
Waterfall Way - Branching Falls1247412480617.740
Waterfall Way - The Falls of Reknown1247415484617.940.3
Waterfall Way - Encroaching Torrent1247418488618.240.7
Waterfall Way - Gushing Waters1249279492773.341
Waterfall Way - Dino Den12411890496990.841.3
Water Shrine - Old Gate1345596500430.538.5
Water Shrine - Dilapidated Halls1347460504573.838.8
Water Shrine - Central Opening134746250857439.1
Water Shrine - Faded Mural1347456512573.539.4
Water Shrine - Will of the Ferocious1316000516461.539.7
Water Shrine - Exploration15-597086663980.544.4
Carbuncle Grove - Uncharted Lands1245622520468.543.3
Carbuncle Grove - Whispers from Beyond1247490524624.243.7
Carbuncle Grove - Call of the Butterfly1249810528817.544
Carbuncle Grove - Mysterious Fountain1248802532733.544.3
Carbuncle Grove -The Sparkling Ruby1315600536430.841.2
Trial of the Ruby1516500500433.333.3