Port City Lodin



Port City Lodin
Treasure Key Box Location
1. Recipe – Silence
Treasure Chest
2. Hi-Potion
3. Smelling Salts
4. Bacchu’s Wine Left of Treasure box
5. Recipe Leather Whip Book Shelf Behind counter
6. Shuriken Behind the counter
7. Spark Ring Behind Barrel
8. Gold Needle
9. Phoenix Down Below Counter
10. Body Boost
11. Earth Key – 18
12. Zeus’s Wrath
13. Recipe – Small Shield
14. Star Quartz



Quest Name Rewards Details
1. Danger on the Road 1000 Gil *Demon Tollbooth
2. His Whereabouts Hi-Potion and Ether *Rime of the Absent Mariner
3. Deliver Sweet Fruit Bomb Arm *Fruit… or Death?
4. Breaking the Slump Recipe – Great Sword Complete Deliver the Fruit *Muse of the Anvil
5. Preparing for Departure Twist Headband 2-part quest *Hello? Sailor?
6. A Courier’s Debut Tent *Courier Career 
7. A Knight’s Duty Recipe – Copper Cuirass
8. Living in Harmony Star Quartz Appears after completing all other quest (except 6) *Too Cute to Die
9. Danger Erupts Silver Armlet *Bombs Away

*New Quest Name

1. Danger on the Road

Talk to the man in Fulan Pass – Exploration:
Royal Capital Granshelt_quest2_1

2. His Whereabouts

Royal Capital Granshelt_quest2_2

Talk to the 3 people.

3. Deliver Sweet Fruit

The fruit at Fulan Pass:
Royal Capital Granshelt_quest2_3

4. Breaking the Slump

After Clearing the “Deliver the Fruit” Quest. Go to the Weapon shop and hand in Kotetsu to the client. You can pick up Kotetsu from the treasure box in Royal Capital Grandshelt.

5. Preparing for Departure

Part 1 – You can find the sailor at Fulan Pass – Exploration
Royal Capital Granshelt_quest2_5

Part 2 – Hand in 5 Digital Circuit to the client, which can be farm in Fulan Pass.

6. A Courier’s Debut

  1. Collect quest from the man at the docks.
  2. Talk to Inn Keeper at Port City Lydira.
  3. Answer – Hope.
  4. Return quest.

7. A Knight’s Duty

You can find Coeurl in Fulan Pass

8. Living in Harmony

You will need to clear a certain number of quest in Port City Lodin to unlock this. Magicite Shard can be picked up at any Exploration Map.

9. Danger Erupts

You can find bombs in Inferno Hallow.