Port City Lydira


Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Muscle Belt (HP+10%, Def +5)
Treasure Chest
2. Hi-Potion
3. Antidote
4. Bard’s Tunic (Def+10, Spr+5) – Inside the house, bottom right of “Grandma”
5. Star Pendant
6. Potion
7. Star Quartz




Quest Name Rewards Details
1. Memento from Sister Star Quartz Complete Phantom Forest – Den of the beast to unlock quest.
2. Message in the Dream Earth Key – 4 Complete Patron of the Arts to unlock. *The Hungers Game
3. Patron of the Arts Recipe – Mage’s Habit Acquire 8 White Magicites

*New Quest Name

1. Memento from Sister

Quest will unlock when you unlock Phantom Forest Exploration.

Pick item from Phantom Forest Exploration map:


2. Message in the Dream

You can find Hunger at Deserted Highroad – Southwest. It’s quite a rare mob.

3. Patron of the Arts

White Magicite can be gotten from Fulan Pass – Exploration.