Royal Capital Granshelt

Royal Capital Granshelt


Royal Capital Granshelt
Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – Vox
2. Recipe – Barblizzard
3. Recipe – Blind
Treasure Chest
4. Potion 14. Fish Scale
5. Recipe – Bronze Shield 15. Eye Drops
6. Gale Ring 16. Phoenix Down
7. Hi-Potion 17. Leather Plate
8. Gold Needle 18. Antidote
9. Smelling Salts 19. Unicorn Horn
10. Earth Key 22 20. Recipe – Kenpogi
11. Echo Herbs 21. White Cape
12. Kotetsu 22. Star Quartz
13. Ether 23. Star Quartz

Chest 4 – Potion
royalcap_chest4Chest 10 – Earth Key 22


Chest 13 – Ether


Chest 22 – Star Quartz



Royal Capital Granshelt_quest

Quest Name Rewards Details
1. A Boy and His Slime Phoenix Down
2. Missing Person Unicorn Horn *There’s a Scaaar-maaan….
3. Road to the Colosseum Bandana
4. A Song of Love Harp Complete “8. Of Letters Lost” *Ode to Boy
5. Cooperative Collection Recipe – Water *Caught by Supplies
6. Hunt for the Model Airship Recipe – Bronze Knuckles 2 part quest *Return Flight
7. Memories of Mother Key Quest to unlock Vault *Pendant Dependent
8. Of Letters Lost Recipe – Bard’s Tunic *The Unlettered Poet
9. A Fresh Idea Recipe – Power Wrist *Prowl Movements
10. For Members Only Altair Complete “9. A Fresh Idea” 2-part quest
11. Which Way Did He Go? Recipe – Smoke Bomb *Whither Townsmen
12. Prowling the Ruins Jeweled Ring Complete all stages (except exploration) in Lanzelt Ruins *Ruin Subduin’

*New Quest Name

1. A Boy and His Slime

Royal Capital Granshelt_quest1

2. Missing Person

Royal Capital Granshelt_quest2

3. Road to the Colosseum

You can find Hill Gigas at Granshelt Castle First and Second Floor.

4. A Song of Love

Step 1 – You will need to complete the quest “Of Letters Lost” to unlock this quest.
Step 2 – Answers to the quest as follow: 1. To my beloved… 2. Your Kind countenance… 3. I Offer you the small bloom…
Step 3 – Talk to the bard(spot 8).
Step 4 – Return Quest

5. Cooperative Collection

You can collect Water Cryst at all Continent 1 Exploration maps.

6. Hunt for the Model Airship

Royal Capital Granshelt_quest3 Royal Capital Granshelt_quest3.2

Step 1 – Talk to the man at Fulan Pass (Left Picture).
Step 2 – Return to the Client (spot 6).
Step 3 – Talk to the man lost in Grandshelt Catacombs – Exploration.
Step 4 – Return quest to Client.

*7. Memories of Mother – Must Complete

Royal Capital Granshelt_quest7

You will need to complete this quest to unlock the vault where you’ll exchange your Earth Keys found throughout the continent.

8. Of Letters Lost

Royal Capital Granshelt_quest9

You can find the key at Dalnakya Cavern – Exploration

9. A Fresh Idea

You can find Sergeant in Granshelt Castle.

10. For Members Only

  • You can find Zu at Dalnakya Plains – East Gates as the final boss.
  • You can get Thickened Hide from any Beast Monsters.

11. Which Way Did He Go?

Royal Capital Granshelt_quest11

You will need to enter the shop and exit through the hidden entrance at 6o’clock.

12. Prowling the Ruins

  1. You will need to complete Lanzelt Ruins – Interior to unlock quest.
  2. Proceed to Lanzelt Ruins – Exploration:
    Royal Capital Granshelt_quest12
    Boss Stats:
    Royal Capital Granshelt_quest12_boss