Season Event – The Egg Seekers


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Here’s the arrival of our second seasonal event… YES.. the dreaded event where you’re force to run Maranda Coast or Dwarfs’ Forge over and over again. However, this time, we should be running Snowy Woods or Magic Library.

Period: 4/6 to 4/20

Event Concept

The main idea for this event is to run Explorations or Story mode stages to collect Metal Eggs. Metal Eggs are used as Gacha currencies to acquire Crafting Mats and other rewards.

Idiots Guide: Farm Metal Eggs from Exploration/Story > Summon Rainbow Eggs, Red Eggs and Blue Eggs from banner > Craft everything else (see tier list below)


You can get the following items from The Egg Seekers banner:

Units Items
King Gil Snapper, Gil Snapper Family, Metal Gigantuar, King Metal Minituar, Trust Moogle (For Banner units), LB Pot Red Egg, Blue Egg, Rainbow Egg, Megacites,



Treasure Chest
1. Recipe – Chocolate Egg (ACC: Def+3, MAG+5)
2. Recipe – Great Egg (ACC: Def+3, ATK+5)



Item Type Description Rainbow Egg Limit
Recipe – Magical Egg Accessory Increase MAG/SPR by 10% 1 1
Recipe – Radiant Egg Accessory Increase ATK/DEF by 10% 1 1
Recipe – Crown of Justice Hat DEF+25, SPR+20 2 1



Item Type Description Rainbow Egg Limit
Recipe – Staff of Wrath Staff ATK+30, DEF+20, SPR+40 1 1
Recipe – Black Bandana Hat ATK+12, DEF+20
Resistance: Sleep (Null)
1 1
Recipe – Second Knife Dagger ATK+5
Effect: Dual Wield
1 1
Recipe Icy Veins Accessory ATK+18, MAG+18
Resistance: Ice (+10%)
1 1
Recipe – Cold Snap Accessory Resistance: Poison (Null)
Effect: Plated Elegance
1 1
Crystal Egg of Power Material A mysterious crystal egg that radiates with power 1 1
Crystal Egg of Mind Material A mysterious crystal egg filled with knowledge and wisdom 1 1



Currently based on 20 runs each, will do more ASAP.

Base Steal Total Per Energy
Snow Plains 2344 1074 3418 569.6666667
Power on Power 3676.7 589.4 4266.1 474.0111111



For newer players, the rule of thumb is to run the best exploration map that you can handle (even when you’re half asleep).

Due to the large amount of data, I’m not listing all the exploration stages except the latest few. I hope you guys can help me fill in the blanks for some of the figures below.

Eggs Drop Steal  Total Eggs Per Energy
Exploration Min Max  Fixed Min Max Min Max
Magic Library 6170 9987 6912 13082 16899 1090 1408
Snowy Woods 4123 5723 4877 9000 10600 1125 1325
Invincible Interior 6114 16754 6886 13000 23640 929 1689
Zoldaad Castle 3274 10376 8726 12000 19102 923 1469
Fire Shrine 4695 9562 5923 10618 15485 965 1408
Surging Volcano 5057 9382 5943 11000 15325 1100 1533
Abandoned Orphanage 2168 2705 3295 5463 6000 607 667
Timber Tracks 1890 2851 1149 3039 4000 380 500
Water Shrine 3963 5539 5037 9000 10576 600 705



Most of these items are mediocre. However, based on the past few events, try to get those with Elemental Resistance first (Icy Veins).

Tier 1 

Chocolate Egg
Red Egg 10
Blue Egg 30
Crafting Time Cost
0s 500


Great Egg
Red Egg 30
Blue Egg 10
Crafting Time Cost
0s 500


Tier 2

Magical Egg
Chocolate Egg 3
Rainbow Egg 5
Crafting Time Cost
0s 3000


Radiant Egg
Great Egg 3
Rainbow Egg 5
Crafting Time Cost
0s 3000


Tier 3

Crown of Justice
Magical Egg 2
Crafting Time Cost
0s 15,000


Staff of Wrath
Radiant Egg 2
Crafting Time Cost
0s 10,000


Black Bandana
Radiant Egg 2
Magical Egg 2
Rainbow Egg 5
Crafting Time Cost
0s 50,000


Tier 4

Second Knife
Staff of Wrath 2
Crown of Justice 1
Black Bandana 1
Crystal Egg of Power 1
Crafting Time Cost
0s 300,000


Icy Veins
Staff of Wrath 1
Crown of Justice 1
Crafting Time Cost
0s 100,000


Cold Snap
Black Bandana 2
Staff of Wrath 1
Crystal Egg of Mind 1
Crafting Time Cost
0s 150,000



  1. Ran a full clear on Snowy Woods. Got 4786 metal eggs (with Locke stealing it was 11895). 0 red eggs, 0 blue eggs, 0 rainbow eggs. For the NRG cost, number of collection points, and number of eggs collected, it seems like the most efficient.

    • 2nd Snowy Woods (8 NRG) run got me 4463 and 3386. I’m assuming the first number is drops and the 2nd is steals. I only looked at the first number of metal eggs in my first post. I could have mixed them up.

  2. If you don’t want to bother with Stealing extra metal eggs for whatever reason, and you don’t want to deplete exploration maps (i.e., if you have a decently high rank, but not a huge amount of time to play), I highly recommend Magic Library – Showdown of Destiny. 10 energy, 2 battles, 3,895 eggs per run. Granted, if you aren’t running a full 6-star team, those 2 fights can be rough (pretty solid AOE damage in both), but I figure most people have all 6-stars on their main team by the time they reach the end of story progression to date, and either way, still – it’s 10 energy and a few minutes of fighting for almost 4,000 eggs a pop.

  3. No explorations: Run ‘Snow Plains – Beast on the Plains’

    6 NRG 2.1k metal eggs to 5k metal eggs.

    Bear boss’ have no status resistance – so bring status effect units (ling/noctis/seven/exd, ect)

  4. Zoldaad Castle Grounds Exploration (13NRG): Full steals, clearing all enemies 13k-17k Metal eggs (plus Fire megacrysts and Orange Megacite from resource points)

  5. Ghost ship expl.(14NRG) 6 runs = 6666//5605//5689//4122//3715//6245
    Water Shrine expl.(15NRG) 7 runs = 7923//6454//5821//4918//5602//5259//5945
    No steal, just Locke’s lb.

  6. If you’re not a whale, I recommend at least pulling daily until you get 3 or 4 Aidens and maybe a Xon or two.

    Trust mogs you get from event summons pretty much ensures that you get free TMs from those units. Would be sweet to get Fryevia for that sword TM too, if you’re super lucky.

  7. Been pulling for that dang thief and ended up pulling a Fryevia. Got lucky. (I think. I don’t know too much about her other than that she’s hybrid ice damage) Any idea how to equip her? Semi ftp. (Get occasional gift cards.) Already got her tm from the dang egg summons!

  8. Forget explorations and go mysidia first boss, 6nrg and quaranteed 3k for every run, you get your stuff a lot faster.. Done around 100 runs there and already got Fryevias TM and all equipment crafted, highly recommended without wasting time in explorations

  9. I Just Realize something, when this event started i haven’t unlock Dirnado continent, I still in Golzas Wharf, but when I start progressing during the event the Eggs that i collected is fewer than Golzas territory (Like 3800 in Maranda Coast but 5600 in Golzas Canyon).

    Maybe my last area before event is affecting the drop ?


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