Shrine of Decay – Exploration


Energy Unit Exp Rank Exp
16 ~ 46485 511



– Material Pickup Spots.

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – MP +10%
Treasure Chest
2. Violet Megacite
3. Recipe – Bomb Fragment
4. Trident
5. Corpse Fly
6. God’s Reliquary
7. Elixir
8. Hypno Crown
9. Star Quartz


Quests – A Neverending NightmarePaper Chase

Monsters Ogre, Scolopendra, Ghoul, Gladilith, Searcher, Skuldier, Objet d’Art, Zombie, Ziggurat Gigas,
Boss Lesser Lopros (Weak against Fire Element, Immune to Sleep, Paralyze and Petrify)


Drops Pickup
Pearl of Wisdom, Esper Shard, Esper Crys, Esper’s Tear, Corpse Fly, Scripture of Time, Book of Ruin, Talmonite of Life, Spiritsand, Polymer Emulsion, Digital Circuit, Green Fluid, Allure Powder, Heaven’s Ash, Rainbow Needle, Earth’s Core, Crimson Tear, Farplane Soul, Quality Parts, Sparking Stone, Mystic Ore Silver Ore, Iron Ore, Magicite, Lightning Crys, Lightning Megacrys, Dark Crys, Dark Megacrys, Wind Crys, Wind Megacrys, Black Magicite, Black Megacite


shrineofdecay exp
Special thanks to Doohie for the Information