Sorcerer Hein

Global Changes:

15 1 1117 10000 365
Mission Rewards 
Clear Quest Trust Moogle 4*
Clear without using items Wind Fang x 10000
Party with 5 or less members Water Elemental Resistance +15%
Clear within 15 turns Onion Gloves (Acc: Def+3, SPR+3, ATK+15%, MP+10%, Enables “” when equipped by Onion Knight (Absorbs HP/MP)
First clear reward
Trust Moogle 4*



Sorcerer Hein – Undead
LV – 99
HP – 4,000,000
MP – 15,000
+200 to all Resistance
Immune to all



Attack Effect
Regular Attack Single / Physical attack
Barrier change Reduced Lightning resistance  / 2 turns
Reduce Fire or Water or Lightning Resistance / 3 turns
AOE / -50% Magic  / 3 Turns
AOE / -50% ATK / 3 Turns
AOE -30% Fire/Ice/Lighting Resist | AOE +30% Water/Wind/Earth/Light/Dark Resist for 3 turns
Firaga AOE / Fire Attribute / Magical Attack
Thundaga AOE / Lightning Attribute / Magical Attack
Blizzaga AOE / Ice Attribute / Magical Attack
Bioga AOE / Dark Attribute / Magical Attack + Poison (100%)
Confuse Single / confuse
Sleep Single / sleep



  • Undead Killer is effective but bear in mind it’s Physical Defense is very high
  • SPR Break effective
  • Prepare Elemental Buffs for the basic 3 elements (Barfira, Barthundara, barblizzara)
  • Prepare against Confuse, Sleep and Poison
  • Unlike the normal Mog event mode, it is better to make use of Elemental Chain and cast it’s elemental weakness spell to do more damage and conserve your MP. Remember to always check which elemental weakness it’s Barrier Change, changed into.
  • It seems that the first 2 turns will always be Lightning weakness. (TBC)

Not sure if Barrier Shift is bugged but it kept remaining as Lightning Resistance for me (TBC).


Recommended Units

Tank – Warrior of the Light for SPR Break and Defense

Support – Marie, Zargabaath, Rikku, for elemental Defense

Healer – Tilith, Rem, Ashe

Attackers – Ashe, Dark Fina, Trance Terra, Emperor, Exdeath, SHANTTOTO


My Team:

Since Barrier Shift is not working as intended, Hein’s weakness will always be Lightning. You can go ahead and spam Thundaja.

Zargabaath – Buffs
Healer – Tilith
Attackers – 3x Ashe (Sakura)




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