Sorcerer’s Hideaway

To unlock Sorcerer’s Hideaway, you will need to talk to the Black Mage hidden in Mysidia Underground – Exploration. He will only appear after you completed Mysidia Tower. 

Treasure Key Box
1. Recipe – White Rope
Treasure Chest
2. Earth Megacrys
3. Star Quartz
4. X-Potion
5. Circlet
6. Aurora Key – 5
7. Star Quartz
8. Rigels (1H Gun: Atk+60)
9. Golden Shield



Quest Name Rewards
1. The Uninvited Star Quartz x 3
2. A Small Repayment Torrent Ring
3. A Lone Letter Recipe – Dragon Fin
4. Snatched Away Flamering Key -10

* Completing Quest 4 is important as you need to complete it to unlock the Aurora Vault in Mysidia. 

1. The Uninvited

Kill the Rats that are appearing in Mysidia Underground – Exploration

2. A Small Repayment

Deliver Mystic Ore to Client. You should have tons of these from TM farming.

3. A Lone Letter

Speak to the daughter at Magi Nation Mysidia and return to client.

4. Snatched Away

– Complete the quest “Buried Below” and obtain Flamering Key – 6 from Snowy Woods – Exploration
– Turn in the key to the Vault Master in Downtown Zoldaad.

Step 1 – Speak to the old lady in Sorcerer’s Hideaway (after getting quest from client)

Step 2 – Defeat Bandits in Mysidia Underground – Exploration

Step 3 – Defeat Pirates in Mysidia Tower – Exploration

Step 4 – Return to Client


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